Unlikely Quaker “Heroes?”

Did you know Annie Oakley was a Quaker? How about Joan Baez and James Dean? Well they were along with a few other surprising people says this Time article… Annie Oakley – “The sharp-shooting female who was rumored to split playing cards edge-wise, then shoot through them a few times before they hit the ground,Continue reading “Unlikely Quaker “Heroes?””

The Obama Poster From Obey Giant

(From OBAMA – Obey Giant) I’ve been debating whether to announce my choice for the presidential race, partly because I know we don’t all agree on who’s the best person for the job (and some more strongly than others), and partly because I hadn’t found an opportune time to say it. But after seeing thisContinue reading “The Obama Poster From Obey Giant”

Quater Six: Halfway Through My Coursework

I can’t believe this is my sixth quarter of studies! I am almost exactly halfway done with my course work. I am just about finished with my 3rd tutorial (on theology of church and culture) and completed my 4,000 pages of reading for the class about 1.5 weeks ago. This past week I’ve been workingContinue reading “Quater Six: Halfway Through My Coursework”

What I Keep in My “Bag of Tricks” For School

http://webdev.yuan.cc/flickr/flickrnotes.php?photoid=2217288918 Paul wrote a fun post about the things he carries in his bag for school, and since I have for quite some time carried a “bag of tricks” I thought I’d post what some of those tricks are now. First, I have to openly admit/confess a) I am a bag person, it’s a small(?)Continue reading “What I Keep in My “Bag of Tricks” For School”

Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Cate

How flattering to be the first DDF guest blogger! I’m afraid I might not measure up to some of Wess’ posts, but I’ll give it ago. I’m no theologian, so don’t be expecting anything on deconstruction or ‘The Light’; I’m much more interested in pop culture – it makes my brain hurt less. And thisContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Cate”

Does Jesus Have Anything to Do With Our Politics?

Well the political world is in a frenzy these days, everyone’s making speculations, mud is being thrown in every direction and some of us are picking sides (The first and last link are somewhat unrelated to the larger topic, I just posted them for fun). And I keep wondering if Jesus has anything to doContinue reading “Does Jesus Have Anything to Do With Our Politics?”

Homo Sacer and Civilized Racism?

In Slavoj Zizek’s book on September 11, “Welcome to the Desert of The Real,” he discusses the idea behind Homo sacer, in order to describe the kind of racism we often find within our society today. The Homo sacer: is an obscure figure of Roman law: a person who is banned, may be killed byContinue reading “Homo Sacer and Civilized Racism?”

Dress Down Friday | Save Time In Ultimate Reality

AJ asks what do you call your church? It’s a good question. The iPhone popularity is spreading. If you haven’t seen the Moleskine Project website, you really should check it out. There is some great Moleskine artwork there. Finally, Ultimate Reality is here. Here are some great tips for saving time in School. Here’s aContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Save Time In Ultimate Reality”