Dress Down Friday | Facebook Privacy and the Fisherman

Things have been a little slow this week since I am in the process of finishing up the quarter, but I’ve got some interesting links this week. Oh and sorry to flood your inboxes with Twitter, I wanted to have them on my blog as posts so people could comment on them, but not goContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Facebook Privacy and the Fisherman”

Mac’s Keynote (on Dual Displays)

One problem I had in class yesterday was a technical one. I use Mac’s Keynote software to put main points onto slides for the class to see. I also typed out all my (behind the scenes) notes thinking I’d be able to read from my macbook’s screen without projecting them on the class screen. ButContinue reading “Mac’s Keynote (on Dual Displays)”

Advent and The Gift of Life (Luke 1:57-80)

Now the time came for Elizabeth to give birth, and she bore a son. Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown his great mercy to her, and they rejoiced with her. On the eighth day they came to circumcise the child, and they were going to name him Zechariah after his father.Continue reading “Advent and The Gift of Life (Luke 1:57-80)”

Dress Down Friday | Black, Buy Nothing, Turkey Carcass Edition

Happy Dress Down (Black) Friday, and since it’s Black Friday that also means it’s Buy Nothing Friday, which I am celebrating! And if today is Buy Nothing Friday, then that would also have to mean that it is the day after Thanksgiving, and if that’s the case then today must also be Turkey Carcass SoupContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Black, Buy Nothing, Turkey Carcass Edition”

Blog Awareness: Mockingbird’s Leap, Advent Conspiracy and Jesusland

Here are a few blogs I think you should check out this week. Be sure to take a look at what Glenn Jordan of Crooked Shore is up to for the Advent season. He’s invited a bunch of his friends to join him in the practice of attention as we prepare for Christmas. Glenn writes,Continue reading “Blog Awareness: Mockingbird’s Leap, Advent Conspiracy and Jesusland”

A Day Trip to AAR to Have Theological Discussions on Quakerism

I had the chance to have a little road trip and drive down on Friday to San Diego and go to AAR (American Academy of Religion). I went down because of the Quaker theological discussion group that met from 4-10pm. I had a really great time meeting tons of new faces and Quaker scholars I’veContinue reading “A Day Trip to AAR to Have Theological Discussions on Quakerism”

Goodbye Lexan Nalgenes

Emily and I have been tugging around Nalgene water bottles for the past 8 years (as long as we’ve known each other), and have been really happy with their usefulness. Yes, we must love to keep hydrated or something! Well, we recently learned about how harmful the Lexan-made Nalgene bottles are leeching bad chemicals intoContinue reading “Goodbye Lexan Nalgenes”

Readers of Gathering In Light on Facebook

While running the risk of being completely shameless in blog promotion, I decided to start a “Readers of Gathering in Light” facebook page. I know a number of you are already on facebook so it seemed fitting, plus this is a way for you to give feedback about the site and its content, share ideas,Continue reading “Readers of Gathering In Light on Facebook”