2 thoughts on “fp:100307

  1. Wowsa! Are both of those Sumos female?? Hardcore, baby, hardcore.

    Hey, I noticed something — I thought I left a comment on dress-down-Friday, but it is not there…Did you not get it? Or did I write something you didn’t want posted?? I don’t think I did anything bad… 😉

    Probably just got lost in cyberspace — don’t remember everything I said, but it was all good — ah well. – V

    Hope the school year is off to a great start? Happy Mofo Delurk Day! If you are lost on this, see link:


  2. Butterfly,
    Thanks for the comment! Especially since it was MDD. I hadn’t heard of that but it looks pretty fun. I think I remember seeing a comment on the DDF post but I checked all my spam, search all my comments, and even my email and can’t find remnants of it anywhere. That’s really strange. I certainly would have posted it so I am not quite sure…

    The school year is off to a good but busy start too, thanks for asking.

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