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Three Tips For Students Writing Academic Papers

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I was just emailed by a friend (and fellow Fuller student) who asked me to name my top two or three writing mistakes I see while grading papers and what can be done about it. He’s doing a speech on the topic and wanted to get some feedback from other teacher’s assistants. Here are my three and I am wondering if anyone else has anything they’d like to add?

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A Report on the “Perfect” Day

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Yesterday turned out to be a great day. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes either through this blog, email, facebook, regular mail or those who met us in person along the journey yesterday. In short, I was successful in having a “perfect” day. 😉 Of course there were a few obstacles along the way, but fortunately I was able to shake them off and stay focused on my goal. In other words, even though we gave it a lot of hype and hoped for something silly to happen to make for a great story everything worked out just as planned.

Here’s a few highlights from the day:

  • French toast, eggs, oranges and juice for breakfast.
  • Went to Peet’s where I drank a latte, and journaled and read the owner’s manual to our new Honda Fit (something I’ve yet too mention here)!
  • For lunch we ate grilled cheese sandwiches, with pickles and salt and pepper chips.
  • Hung out at the red lion with some good friends.
  • Went to Amoeba and got three cd’s Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Love and Hate, The Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack, and Led Zepplin IV.
  • We finished the night off at Canters with a Turkey Rueben, and more pickles!

What made it so special really, was just getting to go to some of my favorite places throughout the day and see friends. And I got a lot of fun pictures as well.

I originally got the idea to have a perfect (brith)day from a friend back when we used to live in Canton Ohio. He attempted his own perfect day about 5 years ago and invited us to go a long with him for the ride. Why I remember it is because just about everything he planned to do didn’t work out for one reason or another, which made the whole thing (in my memory) hilarious. One thing after another didn’t seem to work as planned which just kept us laughing the whole time. For instance, he saved up money and had an extensive list of rare music to get at this really great record shop in west Cleveland but when we got there (about 1 in the afternoon) we saw a sign on the door that said “closed for the rest of the day for a staff meeting.” We couldn’t believe it, they had literally closed a halfway through the day. I think it was part of the hype of the day that made all the little mishaps all the more hilarious and such a great story to tell afterwards. So with that story in mind that’s why I set out to do my own. Anyways, the whole thing was really fun and nothing to tragic happened at all, so other than having the story to say I attempted the perfect day there’s not much left to tell!

But it does bring up the question, what constitutes a perfect day and have you ever had one?

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Dress Down Friday | Attempting the Perfect (Birth)day

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday, and while I hope to do a little post about the whole thing, I wanted to give a heads up now. I am attempting to have the perfect day. That’s right! Some have suggested it can’t be done, I am setting out to prove them all wrong! Or at least have a few laughs in the process. Emily and I have compiled a little itinerary for the day full of all my favorite things from foods, to bikes, music stores, drinks, and 2nd hand clothing shops.

  • In the morning I’ll be riding my bike down to Peets and will probably order a Latte.
  • Later in the afternoon we will be meeting some Friends at the Red Lion (a classic German pub in Silverlake).
  • Then we’ll be off to Amoeba and the Buffalo Exchange.
  • And we’ll end up at Canters, LA’s best Jewish deli, where I plan on getting a Turkey Rueben.

We’ve have some set times (some say the times are too restrictive) so friends can meet us at the different places or join us for the whole thing. Also, during the day I will update my twitter when I can so if you want to watch there be my guest! There will be plenty of pictures on flickr as well.

And on another note: I know there are a few of you who really want this and there are some of you who will think this is silly [Hat tip to Josh].



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John Geib Meets YouTube (And Repeat)

I was really happy to see one of my absolute favorite New Testament professors from Malone, John David Geib, on YouTube (who not only taught me a ton of stuff about scripture but also helped perform our wedding ceremony!).

I found this after reading JR’s post on his endeavors with a new Ministry called repeat. If you know JR you should consider helping in some way with his ministry, if not read about it anyways and check out what they are trying to do in the great state of Ohio. It’s really good stuff, plus they’ve got Geib helping out which is fantastic.

Also check out:

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Book Review: It’s A Dance By Patrick Oden

Patrick Oden's New BookFuller Seminary grad, and fellow blogger Patrick Oden has a new book coming out on November 1st, “It’s a Dance” with Evangelical Friends’ Barclay Press. I remember meeting Patrick three years ago when I was just starting to TA for Ryan Bolger’s Emerging Churches class. We’d been reading each other’s blogs prior to the class and then had the opportunity to meet face to face in class. One thing that stood out to me about Patrick was his interest in the Holy Spirit and his knowledge of Quakers. While not a Quaker himself, he admitted to being deeply influenced by the tradition and appreciating a lot about it. He was also conversant with the Emerging church and came down to sit in on Ryan’s class and hear more about what was getting said there. Enter his new book, It’s A Dance, a grand mixture of pneumatology (theology of the Holy Spirit), the emerging church conversation and Quaker ideas splattered throughout.

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Dress Down Friday | Videos, Kitty Cat Man and Rapture Month

This week I’ve got a variety of videos for you to check out. Thanks to all of you who showed me this stuff, it’s great. Also, post links to your favorite videos in the comments below and add to the collection.

Scrapper Bikes!

Oh Kitty Cat Man

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Letter To Gap About Business Practices and Sustainability

The other day Emily purchased a few articles of maternity clothing from Gap’s sale section online, afterwards she was asked to give some feedback. Here’s what she wrote:

I am interested in clothing that is made with Organic and Sustainable fibers, such as Organic cottons, bamboos, and modal. I also always look for labor practices when I shop: whom do you employ? How do you treat them? When I see good practices, I am willing to spend more on my products.