Three Tips For Students Writing Academic Papers

I was just emailed by a friend (and fellow Fuller student) who asked me to name my top two or three writing mistakes I see while grading papers and what can be done about it. He’s doing a speech on the topic and wanted to get some feedback from other teacher’s assistants. Here are myContinue reading “Three Tips For Students Writing Academic Papers”

A Report on the “Perfect” Day

Yesterday turned out to be a great day. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes either through this blog, email, facebook, regular mail or those who met us in person along the journey yesterday. In short, I was successful in having a “perfect” day. 😉 Of course there were a few obstacles along the way,Continue reading “A Report on the “Perfect” Day”

Dress Down Friday | Attempting the Perfect (Birth)day

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday, and while I hope to do a little post about the whole thing, I wanted to give a heads up now. I am attempting to have the perfect day. That’s right! Some have suggested it can’t be done, I am setting out to prove them all wrong! Or at leastContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Attempting the Perfect (Birth)day”

John Geib Meets YouTube (And Repeat)

I was really happy to see one of my absolute favorite New Testament professors from Malone, John David Geib, on YouTube (who not only taught me a ton of stuff about scripture but also helped perform our wedding ceremony!). I found this after reading JR’s post on his endeavors with a new Ministry called repeat.Continue reading “John Geib Meets YouTube (And Repeat)”

Book Review: It’s A Dance By Patrick Oden

Fuller Seminary grad, and fellow blogger Patrick Oden has a new book coming out on November 1st, “It’s a Dance” with Evangelical Friends’ Barclay Press. I remember meeting Patrick three years ago when I was just starting to TA for Ryan Bolger’s Emerging Churches class. We’d been reading each other’s blogs prior to the classContinue reading “Book Review: It’s A Dance By Patrick Oden”

Letter To Gap About Business Practices and Sustainability

The other day Emily purchased a few articles of maternity clothing from Gap’s sale section online, afterwards she was asked to give some feedback. Here’s what she wrote: I am interested in clothing that is made with Organic and Sustainable fibers, such as Organic cottons, bamboos, and modal. I also always look for labor practicesContinue reading “Letter To Gap About Business Practices and Sustainability”