3 thoughts on “Ike Commercial

  1. OK – I’m not such a history student, but I thought I was a decent Web researcher, but I can’t figure out who the first of the three donkeys is, “John,” I believe, with the bushy hair on top. Dean is Acheson, Sec’y of State, and the caricature matches up, and the third, “Harry” is Truman, though why they come up since this is apparently from the general election period (“Adlai goes the other way”) a few bars later. The only “John” in Truman’s cabinet was Snyer, Sec’y of the Treasury, which seems an unlikely target for Ike’s political wrath, and the picture doesn’t match up either.

    Any other ideas?

  2. Say, did you know that Eisenhauer was born into an Anabaptist family? And they became Jehovah’s Witnesses when he was a kid? Interesting background for a general! Apparantly they kind of hushed this up, since this was back when hushing things up was actually possible.

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