Dress Down (Sunday?) | Andrew Bird, MindMaps and Bruce Action Man

I’m a little late this week but have some really good stuff. Andrew Bird’s Concert at the 9:30 club is available for download on NPR’s site. For the past month Rob Bell and Mars Hill Church in Michigan have been discussing green issues and the church. If you have the chance check out the lastContinue reading “Dress Down (Sunday?) | Andrew Bird, MindMaps and Bruce Action Man”

Yoder – Beyond Legitimate Ends

What Jesus renounced is not first of all violence, but rather the compulsiveness of purpose that leads the strong to violate the dignity of others. The point is not that one can attain all of one’s legitimate ends without using violent means. It is rather that our readiness to renounce our legitimate ends when theyContinue reading “Yoder – Beyond Legitimate Ends”