Dress Down Friday | Vimto, Your Dad’s Pants and Lynx

I’m headed off to Newcastle (home of one of my favorites) for a Young Friends Gathering this weekend.

But before I head out I have two very simple video clips that will blow your mind. Both of these video clips are commercials that get aired over in the England.

Vimto, some may consider it the “nectar of the gods,” while others say it’s vomit, but in either case you need to watch the latest commercial called “Dad’s Pants.” How could you not want to “Shlurple the Purple” after this video? (Note: “Shlurple is not a word that is recognized by my spellcheck).

Secondly the, “LynxBom Chicka Wah Wah’ Dinner Party TV advert,” is a video advertisement for Lynx, a spray on deodorant for Men, but be careful guys, this spray seems to encourage supremacism (Note: supermacism is also not in my spellcheck).

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Teacher, author, Quaker, ​and public theologian. He works at Guilford College, enjoys riding his Triumph Bonneville, and listening to music.

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  1. The Dad’s Pants advert is awesome! The best I’ve seen since the early GEICO Caveman commercials. I really sat and laughed … I’m not sure that I’m ready to “Shlurple the Purple” quite yet, but I do like saying “Shlurple the Purple” five times real fast! 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend Wess!

  2. Hi Wess,

    I was sorry not to see you at YFGM but as I really could not justify going for my own well being (not ill so much as just time and money limited at the moment), it seemed sensible to stay still for a moment or two.

    I am hoping to make it to Birmingham next month (June) for a couple of days, so will hopefully see you, maybe even get to buy you a pint. Probably going to come on a Thursday and stay till Saturday night, we will see.

    You do relise I live in the home of Vimto, it was started in Manchester… your welcome to visit if you would like.

    hugs H

  3. Hugo – yeah I was bummed you weren’t at YFGM, actually a lot of us were, but I can understand why you couldn’t come. I had a nice time and met some really cool people. I will be here in June, let me know when you’ll be here so we can hang out!

    I can’t believe you live in the home of Vimto! Does Simon know this? thanks for the invite I may have to take you up on it.

  4. Shawn – I think I know which commercials you’re talking about and yes, those were really funny too. If you get a chance you definitely need to Shlurple the purple at least once. Actually it reminds me of Purplesaurus Rex Kool Aid – which was one of my favs!

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