Reading for Revolution – George Barna and the Emerging Church

Today I had the chance to lead Ryan’s class for the second time this week. On Tuesday we covered aspects from the book Emerging Churches, while today we covered questions and key insights concerning one of Barna’s more recent hit titles, “Revolution.” Here is some of what we discussed in class today (with slides attachedContinue reading “Reading for Revolution – George Barna and the Emerging Church”

B’ham or bust: Three Weeks and Counting

Life seems to be moving at increasing speeds lately, it’s all I can do to keep track of the things that still need done before I depart. I am leaving for England in under three weeks now, and still have tons of books that need read, articles that need to get finished, grading to do,Continue reading “B’ham or bust: Three Weeks and Counting”

Christ Is Risen: He is Risen Indeed

Happy Easter to all of you. Christ is Risen. Today, I have enjoyed Resurrection Sunday with its time of rest before church, the wonderful service, singing and communion at the Mennonite church where we attend; the fabulous dinner we shared with our housemates, our good friend Cate, and Emily’s folks (who are in town thisContinue reading “Christ Is Risen: He is Risen Indeed”

Maundy Thursday (House) Worship/Prayer Service

A few days ago Emily and I had the idea to invite some friends over to hang out Thursday, tonight, to kick off Emily’s spring break (she rarely stays up past 9pm on a school night). Then I thought that because it was Maundy Thursday it would be great to do a little service withContinue reading “Maundy Thursday (House) Worship/Prayer Service”