Dress Down Friday | Google Voice, Obey Giant, Charlie Bartlett and Gena Rowlands

Here’s some interesting links from the past week’s online voyaging.

  • My Friend Dave recently pointed out that you can now call google and search with your voice! We’ve been searching “really hip + great coffee + free wifi in pasadena,” but even google can’t find that.
  • Speaking of Google, google earth has some really incredible information on Darfur. I commend this huge web giant for using their influence in this way.
  • Big Robot Software makes it easy for you to tag your files on your mac. This makes it easier to find them later using spotlight. I am not sure whether I will make use of this service since I’ve got DevonThink but it does seem to be pretty cool. You can read an interview with Big Robot on the Apple Blog.
  • Picture 2-1 And for some reason I tend to be the last person on earth to hear about really cool things like Obey Giant. It’s basically an art project that tries to exemplify show how the medium and the message are interrelated.

  • Finally, I’ve got two friends doing some cool stuff. Cate just finished up working on Charlie Bartlett, where she was the assistant editor on the film. You can see the youTube preview and more if you visit her site. And our other who is the singer and songwriter for the Gena Rowlands Band just released his new album, “Flesh and Spirits.” You can see their music video here and read about it here.

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Published by Wess Daniels

Teacher, author, Quaker, ​and public theologian. Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College.

3 thoughts on “Dress Down Friday | Google Voice, Obey Giant, Charlie Bartlett and Gena Rowlands

  1. Wess,
    Considering that you are a vegetarian Quaker, it is pretty amazing that “Quaker STeak and Lube” as well as the “Quaker” bird sellers are sponsoring your site.

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