Dress Down Friday | Atlas Songs (Wide Array) – New Music from Kevan Pedan

A good friend of ours from Canton, Kevan Pedan, recently mailed me his band’s new album. It’s Atlas Songs’ first full-length and it’s called (Wide Array). I am always excited to see what Kevan does with his music because he’s the kind of artist that is continually reinventing his style and always reaching new heightsContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Atlas Songs (Wide Array) – New Music from Kevan Pedan”

Allelon: Video Interview with Ryan Bolger on Emerging and Missional Churches

There is great half-hour video of my PhD advisor, Ryan Bolger, where he discusses what emerging churches and missional churches are. During the interview he discusses with Alan Roxburgh of Allelon, and author of the Sky is Falling, some of the major points of similarities, differences, and some possible connecting points of these two movements.

TV: It’s Turn Off Your TV Week

I almost forgot to announce that yesterday marked the beginning of “Turn off your TV Week,” sponsored by adbusters.org. There are a number of ways to participate but the simplest way is to unplug the TV for the week. And why not? We have family and friends that would love the extra time, we haveContinue reading “TV: It’s Turn Off Your TV Week”

Quaker-Ranter: Martin Kelley Puts A New Face on An Old Tradition

Chris M is hosting our first Quaker carnival, an event where everyone connected to this community is invited to write about a given topic. The topic this time around is Martin Kelley, the brains behind the the incredible Quaker-Quaker blogging community. These posts are meant to thank Martin for all his hard work and influenceContinue reading “Quaker-Ranter: Martin Kelley Puts A New Face on An Old Tradition”

Marquee: Emerging Approaches to Church Leadership (And The Fading Ones Too)

In our class on The Emerging Church, we spend a good amount of time talking about what leadership looks like, and what it doesn’t because these questions tend to be pretty pressing for seminary students planning on going into the ministry upon graduation. The missional and emerging churches, along with an assortment of anabaptist, radicalContinue reading “Marquee: Emerging Approaches to Church Leadership (And The Fading Ones Too)”

Resources and Tips for Becoming Green and Protecting OUR Environment

I am continually challenged to be more frugal with the way I live my life, expend resources, and how my choices affect others (often people I don’t know and will never meet). When we talk about “saving the planet,” being “environmentally friendly,” or “creation care,” it’s easy to see people take sides instantly. I amContinue reading “Resources and Tips for Becoming Green and Protecting OUR Environment”

combo feed @ wessdaniels.info more ways to find (or stalk) me.

Tumblr.com is a new blogging hybrid that allows for simple posting of various RSS feeds from all over the web. I am using it to aggregate all my comings and goings across the internet so that I can have one master “combo feed.” In other words, all my accounts with RSS dump into tumblr. YouContinue reading “combo feed @ wessdaniels.info more ways to find (or stalk) me.”

Dress Down Friday (on Sunday) | Special Focus “Drive” New Fox TV Show

I almost missed doing a my post of random links from around the web this week, but had a little spare time in between church and lunch today to get this out. This is great because I have a special edition today with a focus on a show I am particularly excited about.