Remember You are Dust: Reflections on Lent 2007

The season of Lent began last week on Ash Wednesday, which marks the 40 day period of waiting for Holy Week. Lent is a time of cleaning out our lives, remembering the frailty of life, reflecting on God and preparing space for the pinnacle of the Christian calendar that comes with Holy Week.


James Cameron Found Jesus And He’s Not Even a Theologist!

Jcamerong 228X297 The Filmmaker, James Cameron, known best for his overblown, and over sunk, romance movie the Titanic is now trying his hand at archaeology, well kind of. See, Cameron has done something no one actually in the field of archaeology has been able to do, he’s found the coffin of Jesus reports “This is London”.

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Do A Little Design? Help Princeton Out (Unofficially)

Adam Cleaveland’s decided to do a little contest for all you designers. He’s giving out prizes to the top three people who can come up with the coolest new logo for Princeton Seminary. It’s not that Princeton has asked anyone to do this, but it does sound like fun.

Cleaveland says,
“Your challenge is to redesign the Princeton Theological Seminary logo. I’m sure they won’t actually use your redesign, although I’m sure that someone from the seminary will find this post and who knows – maybe you’ll be famous. But I hope that you’ll consider entering the challenge. Go look around the seminary website, try to get a feel for the mission of the school, and pretend like you were hired by the seminary to create the new logo.”

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, or seeing what cool prizes he’s offering head over to his site now.

Great idea Adam, now I’d like to know when do we do this for Fuller?

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Dress Down Fridays | Feb 23, 2007

Here’s what’s come across my desk and life in the last week.

  • Lately I’ve been toying around with two social websites: virb and twitter. Virb is a social networking site for individuals, groups, musicians and moviemakers. It will mostly like be the beginning of the end for myspace, as it’s 10 tens more slick than anything Myspace has to offer.
  • Twitter tells others what you’re doing. You can see on the front page of my blog that I’ve added a plugin to feed from twitter so you can keep your eye on me!
  • Geek Alert: Then I found this post, which is a great blog from what I can tell, that helps you bring in twitter, adium (chat client) and quicksilver. Nice work Phil.
  • Oh and speaking of myspace, Matt H. sent me a couple links to some really cheesy Christian versions of myspaceShout Life and MyPraize — Come on haven’t we had enough of the cheap imitations?! Just sign up for the real thing.
  • This past Wednesday JR and I led Ryan’s Church in Mission class it was great! As his TA’s we’ve been working really hard to grade everything and in the process haven’t had much interaction with the students, I really enjoyed being able to get to know them a little better. JR and I went to Malone together, and at one point lived across the hall from each other!
  • We discussed David Fitch’s book the Great Giveaway. A really good critique of modernity and Evangelicalism, from an Evangelical.
  • I recently got Relient K’s new album in the mail, Five Score and Seven Years ago, it’s really good stuff and I can’t wait for it to come out. I plan to write something on it shortly. Check out some related links on the album.
  • I also read a really great review on the new Arcarde Fire album coming out very soon, the “Neon Bible” is going to rock.
  • And finally, this week begins Lent the season within the church where we do some physical and spiritual house-cleaning in order to prepare ourselves for holy week. I found some great resources over at the Mars Hill Bible Church, Rob Bell’s group, that is going to be helpful for scripture reflections and meditations throughout this Lenten season. By the way, I love what this guy is doing and have enjoyed listening to Rob’s sermons as of late.
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    The Questions Pacifists Always Get Asked

    I found this article “Five Questions Your Pacifist Friends Are Tired of Answering” from the Burnside Collective. The article, written by Jonathan Fitzgerald, is an easily accessible article on specific questions that pacifists often get asked.

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    Cleaker Theme – Simple Three Column WordPress Theme

    cleaker Adam, a friend who writes at pomomusings and attends princeton seminary, just released a really nice, simple three-column wordpress theme. The colors are warm and inviting, and the price is right! (free). If you’re interested in his other design work check out Cleave Design.

    If you’re in the market for a new theme you should check it out.

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    The Things We Carry: A Spiritual Reflection on Life With Ghosts


    Life with Ghosts

    Last night Emily and I started to watch “One Punk Under God,” a documentary about Jay Bakker. Jay is the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. I’ve been interested in finding out more on Jay as we had a friend who worked with Jay’s ministry, Revolution, for the past couple years. This reminded me of how the things we carry, emotionally and physically, shape us and tell something about who we are.

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    10 Invites for The Virb Social Network

    The folks from Pure Volume have built a new social network that promises to be pretty sweet. ThanksPaul for hooking me up with an invite! And now I’ve got 10 of my own to give out for anyone who’s interested.  Contact me if you want in, and hopefully I will have a few more friends!

    You can find me at

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    Dress Down Friday | Notes From Feb 16

    This week has been INSANE. I guess that would make this a, “notes from one who is now insane,” post.

  • I spent all day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday writing a paper on the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre. I have a little over 40 pages to show for it, and now am going to try and pawn it off to someone else to edit! I can’t believe how fast my rough draft came, and for some reason I feel like now comes all the hard work.
  • Because of all this writing, my right should, arm and hand started hurting really bad. To combat this I did three things. a) got a G3 keyboard from my awesome housemate; b) downloaded AntiRSI, a free program that forces you to take stretch breaks; c) bought one of those beanie wrist rest things that you put at the bottom of your keyboard. I just googled beanie wrist rest things and got this. Not exactly what I now have.
  • Learned that the Wild Hare, one of my favorite bars in Highland Park is closing for good tomorrow.
  • Downloaded this cool little app to block out distractions from the desktop, and yes it actually helps.
  • Found out about a New Testament guru, Bruce Metzger, Dying.
  • Got the ol’ wiki back up and running in preparation for our first official Menno-Nite Riders outing. Props to housemate Chase for getting the page all setup. Menno-Nite Riders are a bunch of bikers (re: bicycles) from our church. We are planning a 12 mile Los Angeles bike riding route to do on a coming Saturday, I can barely contain my excitement.
  • Emily and I Finished watching the 13 episodes of a now favorite TV show Wonderfalls. Our friend Cate turned us onto it, and we simply couldn’t get enough. It’s kind of a postmodern Joan of Arc tale. You really need to add it to your netflix queue. Frankly, it’s an awesome, fun, quirky and very thoughtful show that we will be watching again — very shortly, probably this weekend.
  • Heard about Danielle and Matthew Hoopes’ new baby! Congratulations! We’re sooooo excited about the new baby Hoopes.
  • Finally, celebrated another valentines day, with my incredible wife of 5.5 years! She bought me a Chimay, need I say more?
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    RIP Bruce Metzger: New Testament Scholar Dies

    As posted on a number of sites, New Testament scholar Bruce Metzger died at 93 this past tuesday. Metzger is one of the main people responsible for assembling the New Testament Greek Manuscript as we have today, he also headed up the translation of the widely popular and most academic translation of the bible available today – the New Revised Standard Version.

    Metzger began his teaching career at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1938, where he stayed in the New Testament department for 46 years. During his time at the seminary, Metzger developed 25 courses on the English and Greek texts of books in the New Testament.

    He was also involved with committees in the production of three new editions of the Scriptures: the United Bible Societies’ Greek New Testament (1966), the Reader’s Digest condensed Bible (1982) and the New Revised Standard Version (1990).

    See full news reports: Here, here and here.

    My main interaction with Metzger was my two years of Greek class under professor Duane Watson, at Malone College. Not only did Watson highly respect Metzger, but he also told us that he was one of the “five guys.” This wasn’t some late seventies rock band our parents listened to (or were in), no they are the very elite, academic, brilliant minds that have cared for the Greek New Testament for us in the later part of this century. My college buddies and I used to dream of someday being one of the “five guys.”

    The only thing left to wonder is, “who will be the next ‘five guy?'”

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