Remember You are Dust: Reflections on Lent 2007

The season of Lent began last week on Ash Wednesday, which marks the 40 day period of waiting for Holy Week. Lent is a time of cleaning out our lives, remembering the frailty of life, reflecting on God and preparing space for the pinnacle of the Christian calendar that comes with Holy Week.

James Cameron Found Jesus And He’s Not Even a Theologist!

The Filmmaker, James Cameron, known best for his overblown, and over sunk, romance movie the Titanic is now trying his hand at archaeology, well kind of. See, Cameron has done something no one actually in the field of archaeology has been able to do, he’s found the coffin of Jesus reports “This is London”.

Do A Little Design? Help Princeton Out (Unofficially)

Adam Cleaveland’s decided to do a little contest for all you designers. He’s giving out prizes to the top three people who can come up with the coolest new logo for Princeton Seminary. It’s not that Princeton has asked anyone to do this, but it does sound like fun. Cleaveland says, “Your challenge is toContinue reading “Do A Little Design? Help Princeton Out (Unofficially)”

Dress Down Fridays | Feb 23, 2007

Here’s what’s come across my desk and life in the last week. Lately I’ve been toying around with two social websites: virb and twitter. Virb is a social networking site for individuals, groups, musicians and moviemakers. It will mostly like be the beginning of the end for myspace, as it’s 10 tens more slick thanContinue reading “Dress Down Fridays | Feb 23, 2007”

Cleaker Theme – Simple Three Column WordPress Theme

Adam, a friend who writes at pomomusings and attends princeton seminary, just released a really nice, simple three-column wordpress theme. The colors are warm and inviting, and the price is right! (free). If you’re interested in his other design work check out Cleave Design. If you’re in the market for a new theme you shouldContinue reading “Cleaker Theme – Simple Three Column WordPress Theme”

The Things We Carry: A Spiritual Reflection on Life With Ghosts

Life with Ghosts Last night Emily and I started to watch “One Punk Under God,” a documentary about Jay Bakker. Jay is the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. I’ve been interested in finding out more on Jay as we had a friend who worked with Jay’s ministry, Revolution, for the past couple years.Continue reading “The Things We Carry: A Spiritual Reflection on Life With Ghosts”

10 Invites for The Virb Social Network

The folks from Pure Volume have built a new social network that promises to be pretty sweet. ThanksPaul for hooking me up with an invite! And now I’ve got 10 of my own to give out for anyone who’s interested.  Contact me if you want in, and hopefully I will have a few more friends!Continue reading “10 Invites for The Virb Social Network”

RIP Bruce Metzger: New Testament Scholar Dies

As posted on a number of sites, New Testament scholar Bruce Metzger died at 93 this past tuesday. Metzger is one of the main people responsible for assembling the New Testament Greek Manuscript as we have today, he also headed up the translation of the widely popular and most academic translation of the bible availableContinue reading “RIP Bruce Metzger: New Testament Scholar Dies”