The Short Fat Kid Misses Mixed Tapes (And So Do I)

Shawn from “Fighting to Stay Awake” has announced the winner of this year’s blog post of the year contest he was hosting on his site. The winner is the “Short Fat Kid” with his post called “I Miss Mixed Tapes.” It brings back some great memories, I wonder if I have any of them layingContinue reading “The Short Fat Kid Misses Mixed Tapes (And So Do I)”

David Bazan Interviewed By Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine has two great interviews with one of my favorite musical artists David Bazan, the former front man for Pedro the Lion. I found this quote from the interview where he talks about one of his new songs “Cold Beer and Cigarettes” to be very telling of some of the changes in Bazan’s directionContinue reading “David Bazan Interviewed By Relevant Magazine”

Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late

[Edited to Add Picture Link see the bottom of post for more details] I’ve writen a couple time on the new Left Behind Video Game called “Eternal Forces.” Post #1 — Left Behind Eternal Forces: Violence for Christians Post #2 Training Violent Behaviors: Media and the Message of Desensitization [rant] Yes, I admit though IContinue reading “Left Behind Video Game Hopes to Improve Public Relations Before It’s Too Late”

Gathering In Light 2006: A Year in Review

This past year has been a lot of fun on many fronts for me but I’ve had an especially great time blogging in 2006. I thought it would be fun to post some of the things that standout in my memory as important events for gathering in light and if you’ve got some fun memoriesContinue reading “Gathering In Light 2006: A Year in Review”

Christian Traditions Tree – Missing Quakers

Ben from Open Switch has posted a family tree which covers the majority of Christian traditions, though unfortunately it leaves out the Quakers? It’s a great visual aid that can help you understand the flow between the various groups, and important dates to know. I can see why Ben would have a poster of thisContinue reading “Christian Traditions Tree – Missing Quakers”

Book Review on Brian McLaren’s “The Secret Message of Jesus”

This is a guest post, reprinted with permission, Review and rant by Jarrod McKenna. What’s emerging out of the “emerging church movement”? Ever wonder what will emerge out of the ‘emerging church movement’? Watching from the very different context of Australia it’s interesting to observe some of the heat Brian McLaren’s new book “The SecretContinue reading “Book Review on Brian McLaren’s “The Secret Message of Jesus””