Clean Slate Rock n Roll vs. Clean Slate Holy Rollers

My dad’s band from the 70’s was based out of Canton, Ohio and called Clean Slate. This is what they looked liked (can you guess who my dad is?): Want to see more Clean Slate photos? So that’s pretty sweet right? But there is another band who calls themselves “Clean Slate” as well. Here isContinue reading “Clean Slate Rock n Roll vs. Clean Slate Holy Rollers”

FAQs: What is Worship? (Pastoral Quaker Perspective)

In reading Thomas Hamm’s absolutely wonderfulQuakers in America I came across a good quote about how virtually all pastoral Friends today would agree on what the Richmond Declaration says about worship, the statement comes from the Declaration which is actually highly disputed but Hamm believes most would get behind this (I know I can):

One of the Coolest Prizes I’ve Ever Won

I just signed up for my media temple account, a hosting company where I will soon be moving my blog over to. I’ve wanted an account with them for quite awhile now, all my favorite bloggers seem to use (mt), but hadn’t decided to switch over until I won the contest hosted by Paul Stamatiou.Continue reading “One of the Coolest Prizes I’ve Ever Won”

Hack Your Moleskine GTD Style

Updated: You can now see my step-by-step process for turning a Moleskine into a Student-based GTD system. I just found this amazing post on HylineSkies that shows you how to set up your moleskine to help in “Getting Things Done.” I love using my Moleskine and have had one since we first moved to CaliforniaContinue reading “Hack Your Moleskine GTD Style”

Methods in History: Learning a Few New Tricks

I hate to apologize for not writing anything meaningful lately because then I have to admit that it’s true, but I am going to do it anyways. Sorry for all these short posts to the notepad but that’s about all I have time for lately. I’ve got a backlog of articles I want to write,Continue reading “Methods in History: Learning a Few New Tricks”