President Richard Mouw’s New Blog

Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary (where I attend) has launched his own blog – Mouw’s Musings. Okay, despite it having the very typical “blog” name, with the word musings in it, and having it hosted on blog client few people have ever heard of I anticipate it being worth the read. Now if onlyContinue reading “President Richard Mouw’s New Blog”

Jarrod McKenna and the Peace Tree Receive Quaker Peace Award

Just today I got an email from Jarrod McKenna, a Christian activist who lives Down Under. He says of himself, “I’m a lapsed vegetarian who’ll now eat happily my daily bread from dumpsters (but secretly longs for the flesh pots of evil big corporation burgers.) I spend my time as a nonviolence trainer for activists,Continue reading “Jarrod McKenna and the Peace Tree Receive Quaker Peace Award”

Macheist Bundle for Sale – Great Mac Apps

I’ve been doing the “macheist” where a group of mac groupies have been doing complicated puzzles to win free macintosh applications. Well this is the last week for that game (we’ve won 13 apps so far) and today the people behind the macheist have released their special bundle of ten incredible apps for a greatContinue reading “Macheist Bundle for Sale – Great Mac Apps”

Daily Scribe Jamboree December 10, 2006

Here are the postings from the Daily Scribe for this past week: Daniel Harper Discusses what Church 2.0 might look like. Boy in Bands points out that St. Nick is the people’s saint. Chris from Katagrapho is beginning a long discussion on Ephesians complete with exegesis. Technorati Tags: Church 2.0, Jamboree, Ephesians, St. Nick, TheContinue reading “Daily Scribe Jamboree December 10, 2006”

Thoughts After Fall Quarter 2006

I realized yesterday that I haven’t blogged in quite awhile and realized I needed a little break from it. There’s so much I’ve been thinking about and I’ve needed some space to do it without trying to come up with something worth reading (as if that ever happens here anyways!). Anyways, here are some thoughtsContinue reading “Thoughts After Fall Quarter 2006”

Notes on James McClendon and the Virtue of Presence

I’ve been doing extra reading for my seminar trying to nail down a paper topic and have really been enjoying the exposure to James McClendon’s stuff, here’s tidbit. “James McClendon in his book Ethics describes the virtue of presence as an acquired human characteristic necessary to achieve the goods internal to the practice of witnessContinue reading “Notes on James McClendon and the Virtue of Presence”

Updated: The Most Influential Book Of My Life…?

Updated: I forgot to put the link to what I to discussion board, sorry about that! — I don’t do well at keeping up with discussion boards and following all the wonderful discussions on the various websites and blogs that I’d like to and this is no less true for Barclay Press. I really appreciateContinue reading “Updated: The Most Influential Book Of My Life…?”

Rhythms in Urban Life and the Season of Advent

Two separate conversations about rhythms of contemplation have cropped up this week. One was brought up by Emily while we were falling asleep the other night. She discussed her desire for us to build some healthy patterns in our lives that are directed at hearing God, slowing down life, and sharing in one another’s spiritualContinue reading “Rhythms in Urban Life and the Season of Advent”