Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs

I love using a mac and I love to keep up with all the new tricks, tips, shareware and freeware that that mac community continues to make. Over the past year I’ve found some great Apple bloggers who know their stuff, and who have helped me to hone my mac-skillzzzz. Because of this, I tendContinue reading “Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs”

Free Website Hosting Contest from

As most of you know I read Paul Stamatiou’s technology blog on a regular basis, it’s one way I am able to keep up with what’s going on in the world of tech. In fact he was probably one of the big resources for me as I began blogging with WordPress almost a year ago.Continue reading “Free Website Hosting Contest from”

Quaker Gatherings Coming To A State Near You

Robin’s posted a list of coming Quaker gatherings all of interest, and at least of which I will be at – possibly more. Here are some Quaker gatherings that I am very much looking forward to next year: January 20, 2007 College Park Quarterly Meeting, with a concern for living in harmony with the earth,Continue reading “Quaker Gatherings Coming To A State Near You”