Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs

I love using a mac and I love to keep up with all the new tricks, tips, shareware and freeware that that mac community continues to make. Over the past year I’ve found some great Apple bloggers who know their stuff, and who have helped me to hone my mac-skillzzzz.
Because of this, I tend to be a bit of a Mac-evangelist as well, and so I’m always telling people about different mac-blogs to check out. Then I realized I’ve never posted some of my favorite ones here so I thought I’d do a favorites of 2006 post.

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Blog Contest of the Year 2006

Fighting to Stay Awake blog is hosting the blog contest of the year. There are some great prizes involved as well.

I am planning on submitting something and if you’ve got a blog you should too.

One question – I am not sure which to submit, was there one that you really liked? I’m taking votes.

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New Server – Time to Switch?

I was notified yesterday by Paul Stamatiou that I was awarded the 1 year free hosting from Media Temple. I haven’t opened the account yet but I am excited about winning, I’ve wanted to have a media temple account for a really long time.

So now I am trying to decide – do I move gathering in light over to the new server, given that it’s service is much better? But also knowing I have another 2 years of free hosting on siteground? Or do I get a new domain name and do something different with MT? Knowing that I have only 1 free year, and then after that I’d have to start paying for server space again.

Frankly I am not even sure if the first option is possible with siteground, but if it is does anyone have any advice?

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Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish all of you a very merry Christmas this year. I hope that you will be with loved ones, have safe travels, and enjoy the season of reflection on the birth of our savior.

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Free Website Hosting Contest from

As most of you know I read Paul Stamatiou’s technology blog on a regular basis, it’s one way I am able to keep up with what’s going on in the world of tech. In fact he was probably one of the big resources for me as I began blogging with WordPress almost a year ago.

Well he’s hosting a contest for those who can answer four questions in the comments of this post. The prize – a 1 year account with Media Temple hosting. The contest ends on Christmas eve.

Just for good measure I thought I’d answer the questions here instead of in his comments — hopefully he won’t mind me posting my comments here instead. But I thought it’d be more interesting to kill two birds with one stone.

Your favorite post on this year

Since I’ve used much of Paul’s stuff to create my own site it was hard to think through which one stands out to me. I used his K2 customization posts a ton last year while I was learning how to use WordPress, and I’ve downloaded all the apps he argues are a must have for every mac user.

But I think my favorite one is on boosting traffic for your blog. Of all the posts I’ve read on this topic, I still think Paul’s is the most straight forward and offers the most tips I could use as a newby to having my own site.

Link to your favorite tech blog, not including mine.

One of my favorite tech blogs is The Apple Blog – for it’s resourcefulness and it’s great discussion board.

Mention what kind of computer you use most of the time.


What are you hoping to get for the holidays?

I’m hoping to see all my friends and family. I just arrived back to Ohio (from LA) and am looking forward to seeing as many people as I possibly can since we don’t make it back that often.

As far as presents go – the only thing I really want is an renewal on my flickr pro account.

Thanks Paul for running the contest and I hope those of you reading visit and try to win a year of free hosting as well, it’s a great way to get started on your blogging career!

(oh and this was my first post using Textmate to blog with!)


Three Queries on Communal Spiritual Growth

The other day on my way home I was thinking about my faith and stumbled upon three questions I thought worthy of thinking through aloud with you:

1. How do I love you God?
2. How do We love you God?
3. How do they love you God?

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Airport Love – Is It Possible?

Landed in Vegas about an hour ago, did you know they offer free wireless here! I paid my dues in the form of $1.50 in slot machine goodness. Wireless, is a treat especially if you’re flying home alone. Emily has to finish out the week teaching class, and the only way we could use a frequent flyer ticket with Southwest was if I went today so here I am blogging from Vegas. Preparing for the winter cold of Northern Ohio

Flying (and airports) seem to me to be at the bottom of my list of “fun things to do.” Is it just me or is just about everyone anxious and impatient when flying? Then there is always the hassle of finding the right seat, and hoping for a good neighbor. I tend to get the people who don’t want to talk, or who lean over there seat into my space so I have even less room then the barely-infant-sized “car-seats” you’re already allotted.

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Quaker Gatherings Coming To A State Near You

Robin’s posted a list of coming Quaker gatherings all of interest, and at least of which I will be at – possibly more.

Here are some Quaker gatherings that I am very much looking forward to next year:

January 20, 2007 College Park Quarterly Meeting, with a concern for living in harmony with the earth, and an opportunity to consider how to balance our personal choices with global needs, including consideration of a minute proposed by Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting on reducing our greenhouse emissions, at Ninth Street Meetinghouse, San Francisco.
March 3, 2007 Quaker Heritage Day, featuring Brian Drayton, author of On Living with a Concern for Vocal Ministry, at Berkeley Friends Church, and afterwards a convergent/blogger dinner at my house in San Francisco
March 15-17, 2007 Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas, Annual Meeting, at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island
April 13-15, 2007 Young Adult Friends Workshop with Betsy Blake, on entering a new understanding of purpose and calling; and listening to the one, even Christ Jesus, who speaks to our condition, at Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, California

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The Chronicle Project

A friend of mine from Pasadena, Brent Gudgel, just sent me a link to his new video-blog for a ministry he’s been working with call the Chronicle Project.

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Is Beppe Done? Pod-fading? If So…So Long Good Friend

Joe Guada, good friend, fellow blogger and wonderful podcaster is hanging up his pod (or whatever it is podcasters hang-up).