“Burned by Branding” Is Starbucks Getting Smaller?

Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: Burned by Branding: Here’s a post about the

Ben posted a link to this post and it’s worth the read so I thought I’d also post it here as well. It concerns the influence of huge corporations and the mega-church models of church – and what places like Starbucks are learning from the “small people.” There is much here to start a good conversation on what the church is to learn from all this.

The author says,

If the church is to be merely a dispenser of spiritual goods and advice, a place people pass through to get their religion fix, then we should follow the example of brand-driven corporate giants. But, if we hope to form meaningful communities of Christ-followers we shouldn’t neglect the power of being local. Rather than reading the latest branding book, why not gather mature leaders and listen for the Holy Spirit? How is he advising us to be the community of Christ in this unique place at this unique time?

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