Setting Up Delicious for Researching The Web

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One of my favorite free, online tools is the social bookmarking website known as delicious (see my Because I read a lot of blogs, and visit websites all the time I need a way to remember which ones were really good, which ones offer great critiques about such and such, and which sites I’d like to go back and study more closely later.

Learning how and making good use of delicious can be a great way for students to do research while on the web (disclaimer: web-based research should never replace library based research but it can be a very good supplement).

Today in class one of the things I did was present how to use delicious for research. I complied the step-by-step process in two formats (using Keynote, the brilliant presentation software from mac): one a .pdf file and the other a quicktime interactive movie (you use the arrows to go back and forth).

I wanted to post those here as well because I really do think that making use of this can be helpful for whatever your endeavors are, but especially for those of us who are particularly interested in studying certain topics, perspectives and people.

In my presentation, as you will see, I explain a bit more about what delicious is, and why to use it. I offer two examples of how to tag, first by looking at and then latter by looking at I also gave a few good search engines to help in finding good websites to tag.

So with out any more blabber here are the files:
Picture 3 How to Setup Delicious for Students (.pdf)

Picture 2 How to Setup Delicious as a fun Interactive movie! (.mov)

Finally, because I use delicious so much I’ve found Pukka to be the best tool for posting sites easily and much quicker than any browser plugin. Though, whatever your project is, you’ll be able to find quick and easy ways to get at and use your delicious account.


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