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FAQs: What are the practices of Quakers?

“Frequently Asked Questions” is a segment on this site where basic questions get answered from people with theological training. If you’re interested in asking a Question you can contact me, otherwise you can visit the FAQ category or it’s corresponding wiki for more information.

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Books Died On: Girlfriend For A Night

My housemate Arkay, has recently released his new album with his ever-changing band Books Died On. On this album he’s written a particularly revealing song, Girlfriend For A Night, which looks at the ills of pornography and how it dehumanizes all parties involved.

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Siteground Hosting Special

sitegroundI’ve been using siteground to host my website and domain name for the past year and have had great service with them. Today they sent an email to all their customers offering 5 $20 coupons to give away to friends who would like to get their own website.

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Add Emerging Church Search to Google

Did you know that if you have a google homepage setup you can add the Emerging Church Google Search to it easily by clicking on the add google button found at the bottom of that page?
Step 1:
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Step 2:
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Nancey Murphy & Christian Nonviolence

From “Dissident Discipleship (p.129),”

After my colleague Nancey Murphy delievers an address in London, two Muslim men sought her out to ask, “Did we hear correctly? You are a Christian and you believe in nonviolence?”
“Yes, I come from a long tradition, Anabaptism, which, like Jesus did, refuses violence.”
“And you would not kill, even to protect your family?”
“I’ve told my husband and my son that I would gladly die for them, but I will not kill for them.”
“This is part of the Christian tradition?” They asked, surprised.
“This is not the Christianity we know about.”

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“Burned by Branding” Is Starbucks Getting Smaller?

Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: Burned by Branding: Here’s a post about the

Ben posted a link to this post and it’s worth the read so I thought I’d also post it here as well. It concerns the influence of huge corporations and the mega-church models of church – and what places like Starbucks are learning from the “small people.” There is much here to start a good conversation on what the church is to learn from all this.

The author says,

If the church is to be merely a dispenser of spiritual goods and advice, a place people pass through to get their religion fix, then we should follow the example of brand-driven corporate giants. But, if we hope to form meaningful communities of Christ-followers we shouldn’t neglect the power of being local. Rather than reading the latest branding book, why not gather mature leaders and listen for the Holy Spirit? How is he advising us to be the community of Christ in this unique place at this unique time?

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Use Journaler for a Blogging Tool

I recently downloaded journaler, a free Mac Utility you can blog with. It is a fully featured program with tons of bells and whistles. If you have a mac and like to blog I’d check this out.

It has a great UI:


Here are some of the features:

Entries by date and folder
Unicode compliant, write in any language
Standard word processing capabilities
Record audio and video entries
iLife integration: iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and Safari bookmarks
256 bit AES encryption
Spotlight support
AppleScript support
Edit entries in tabs or multiple windows
Inline media viewing: audio-video, images, pdfs, websites and archives, Address Book records
Import and export entries: text, rich text, pdf, word, html, webarchive
Print and export a single entry, collections of entries, or any dated range of entries
Integrated iWeb, emailing and Address Book
iPod notes export
Integrated blogging:, LiveJournal and MetaWeblog API systems
Relevance ranked searching and live filtering
Elegant and easy to use, powerful with well documented features

I will continue to use Ecto for three reasons: A) I paid for it and I still really like it; B) it has a great custom tag engine; C) it uploads photos to your server for you and has some slick photo editing features, which I use regularly.

But don’t get me wrong, I’d be using Journaler if I didn’t want to pay for a blogging tool and Journaler has some amazing features Ecto doesn’t do, such as integration with iLife.

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Daily Scribe Jamboree November 26, 2006

This is my late edition of Daily Scribe links for the Week of November 20th.

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10,000 Unique, Oh So Unique hits

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Thanks to everyone who’s been reading this site over the years, and especially to all over you who participated in the various conversations over this past year as I migrated from Blogger to my own domain in April. Recently gathering in light broke the 10,000 unique hits mark for the new domain, and though it’s not much for some of these big bloggers I am thankful for all the visitors.

And if you haven’t subscribed – why not consider it now?

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And Now We’ve Got Notes

Picture 3-2Yesterday I spent a little time reorganizing the sidebar, and cutting out some things here that were making my load time too long. So if you scan the sidebar on the front page you’ll see that I’ve added a “note pad.”