Nancey Murphy & Christian Nonviolence

From “Dissident Discipleship (p.129),” After my colleague Nancey Murphy delievers an address in London, two Muslim men sought her out to ask, “Did we hear correctly? You are a Christian and you believe in nonviolence?” “Yes, I come from a long tradition, Anabaptism, which, like Jesus did, refuses violence.” “And you would not kill, evenContinue reading “Nancey Murphy & Christian Nonviolence”

“Burned by Branding” Is Starbucks Getting Smaller?

Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: Burned by Branding: Here’s a post about the Ben posted a link to this post and it’s worth the read so I thought I’d also post it here as well. It concerns the influence of huge corporations and the mega-church models of church – and what places like Starbucks areContinue reading ““Burned by Branding” Is Starbucks Getting Smaller?”

10,000 Unique, Oh So Unique hits

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading this site over the years, and especially to all over you who participated in the various conversations over this past year as I migrated from Blogger to my own domain in April. Recently gathering in light broke the 10,000 unique hits mark for the new domain, and though it’sContinue reading “10,000 Unique, Oh So Unique hits”