Scribe Jamboree for Friday August 4

In an attempt to get more connected with our friends within the Daily Scribe blogging community we’ve decided to post links to other’s blogs weekly (for me it will probably be less occasional than that). We’re calling this the The Daily Scribe Jamboree, and we will be pointing to bloggers who have interesting things toContinue reading “Scribe Jamboree for Friday August 4”

Reflections on Doing Quaker Research

For class we were asked to write a short reflection on our spiritual journey and how it’s led us to doing the kinds of dissertations we’re preparing for.  I thought I would post it mainly because I don’t think I’ve written much about my personal journey, my “convincement??? or why I am doing the researchContinue reading “Reflections on Doing Quaker Research”

Schedule for Convergent Friends Gathering August 5th 2006

Chris and I powered out a schedule of sorts for this coming saturday so that we have something to work off of.  I have also discussed this with Robin so I am confident that our gathering will be fruitful and a lot of fun. The reason we planned something out is partly because we haveContinue reading “Schedule for Convergent Friends Gathering August 5th 2006”

Research Design – Some Preliminary Questions

Today we spent 8:30-5 minus 1.5 hours for lunch talking about what research is, why it’s important, what our research will entail and why we are doing it.  It wasn’t a bad day, considering how long the day was I was able to stay pretty well engage.  We did a fair amount of group workContinue reading “Research Design – Some Preliminary Questions”