More Questions to Ask When Church Shopping: Part II

Continuing on from the first post in this series we will look at what are some things to look for in when we are church shopping and only have a brief time to get to know a little about the community we are checking out.  (Also note there are many assumptions being made in theseContinue reading “More Questions to Ask When Church Shopping: Part II”

How Do We Look For the Theology of A Church? Part I

Emily and I are back from our 2 week vacation in the Midwest.  We had a lovely time seeing family in Friends in Ohio, and Nashville.  And we thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary which we spent in Ludington Michigan at a great Bed and Breakfast called Cartier Mansion.  I will post pictures soon.  While we wereContinue reading “How Do We Look For the Theology of A Church? Part I”

Daily Scribe Jamboree 082506

Here are some fancy links for your blog reading pleasure. Nathan writes a book review on “A Heretics Guide to Eternity??? by Spencer Burke and Fuller Prof. Barry Taylor.  He sums the book up with this sentence, “Religion declares that we are separated from God, that we are ‘outsiders.’ Grace tells us the opposite; weContinue reading “Daily Scribe Jamboree 082506”

The Rise of Christian Terrorism: Fear Based Religion

I admit that can be hard on the church from time to time, but this is in part because I believe that we have such a grave responsibility to bear peace and reconciliation to the world. In this way I tend to enjoy people like Stanley Hauerwas, John Howard Yoder, Brian McLaren or Tony Campolo,Continue reading “The Rise of Christian Terrorism: Fear Based Religion”

Scribe Jamboree:August 16 2006

Here are few good reads from the folks over at the Daily Scribe. From “A People So Bold” a post about Reinhold Niebuhr‘s stance on nationalism. Quoting Niebuhr, “The gospel cannot be preached with truth and power if it does not challenge the pretensions and pride, not only of individuals, but of nations, cultures, civilizations,Continue reading “Scribe Jamboree:August 16 2006”

Books For An Introduction To Studying Bible and Theology

My housemate Chase and I were having lunch the other day and we started talking about important books that we would use if we were going to teach Bible and Theology students. Now granted we’re both from more of an Evangelical stream of Christianity so I recognize that some of these books may not appealContinue reading “Books For An Introduction To Studying Bible and Theology”

What Are Your Favorite Quaker Books?

I just finished reading Martin’s post about him finally finishing John Woolman’s Journal and it got me thinking about how I enjoyed Woolman’s journal so much.  Then I started thinking more about books (not something that’s all that hard to do, really.)  This reminded me to take “A Description of The Qualifications Necessary to AContinue reading “What Are Your Favorite Quaker Books?”

Queries from the Gathering

Well in short our meeting last night was wonderful, there was a group of about 13 adults, 4 children (and a few lovely mennonite-volunteers) and I think it would be safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot from each other.  For now I thought I would post the queries that weContinue reading “Queries from the Gathering”