Matthew 6:10-11 The Kingdom of God and Prayer for Bread

Continuing my series on the Lord’s Prayer and how it functions as both a mission statement and community formating guide for the churchh.  We now direct our attention to further exposition of the prayer itself – this post in particular deals with Matthew 6:10-11.

Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide

When people find out that I am one of Ryan Bolger’s understudies I get asked what I think of the emerging church and frequently what resources are good for people interested in finding out more about the Emerging church. In hopes of making a useful guide I’ve created a small list that is meant asContinue reading “Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide”

Putting Ads on Blogs: And Why I Can’t Do It Anymore

I’ve debated over the topic of whether I should have advertisements on ol’ gathering in light since I starting using wordpress back in February. Some of you have noticed the on and off frequency of this site having ads, this was because I was trying to see if I had reactions one way or theContinue reading “Putting Ads on Blogs: And Why I Can’t Do It Anymore”