Peace Parade or Protest March?

Jesus peacefully paraded into Jerusalem, but he protested the temple tax when he flipped the money changer’s tables over because they were making a “den of thieves??? out of the temple.Another theme that arises out of peaceful parades and protest marches is the tension between inclusive and exclusive people and communities….  I’ve found many people who are said to be inclusive, including many churches that make this their banner, that in the end turn out to be quite exclusive about the way they treat others, what they will and will not do, and what kinds of things they like including bands, movies, food, etc. These people don’t tend to appreciate the “protesters??? because the protesters, like Jesus make a strong stance against/for something, but in a similar way they do this for a variety of their own things.

Robert Gonzalez on Barclay Press

I've been following Robert Gonzalez's blog for awhile now, I think I came across him originally through the good ol' QuakerQuaker . He is a Quaker who lives in San Gabriel, and I really enjoy and appreciate his voice and ideas.  For the next two weeks he will be sharing his life as a partContinue reading “Robert Gonzalez on Barclay Press”

Rain in Los Angeles (What More of a Headline Do You Need?)

So when it rains here I am not so surprised by this moist substance falling from the sky, though I am pretty sure that’s what would happen if it snowed here for many; no, there isn’t any surprise by the rain – but there is by the people…. I was walking my time card over the SIS office today when I realized that basically Fuller’s entire campus is outside – there is so little protection from the rain that it pretty much flows everywhere there’s an opening.

Hey Man Slow Down: Multitasking and Issues in Simplicity II

It was a picture of a adolescent boy surrounded by today’s latest and greatest gadgets – a picture I almost wanted to find myself in. The title of the article asks a pertinent question for today’s technologically immersed generation, “Are Kids Too Wired For Their Own Good????… In Time’s article, they approach the issue of young people (I would include any of us who have become adept at using the computer as an efficient tool to accomplish many tasks) multitasking, saying that young people have learned how to multitask far better than their parent’s generation.