Ryan Bolger on NPR’s Airtalk

If you get a chance check out Ryan Bolger’s Interview on 89.3 KPCC | AirTalk hosted by Larry Mantle. Find March 2nd, and it is under the heading “Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures.??? Not only is it a really good interview with Ryan, but its a nice brief review of some of the ideas behind his new book; He also gave me a shout out in response to a question posed by a caller who is a Quaker named Beth from echo park. It was very gracious of him to mention my name and the work I’ve been doing at Fuller on this stuff. He also gave a plug for the Barclay Press review and online discussion that is taking place this month.

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Teacher, author, Quaker, ​and public theologian. Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College.

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