Immigration Events: A Day Without A Mexican

Dr. Juan Martinez from Fuller Theological Seminary, and head of the hispanic studies program, told a couple of us the other day that the Latino faith community in LA is planning a day of prayer and fasting this Sunday April 2. There is supposed to be another school walk out today from High Schoolers, whichContinue reading “Immigration Events: A Day Without A Mexican”

Thoughts on Immigration, Vegetarianism, and James Cone

Without going into much of his argument (its worth the read and its a short book), he says that Jesus was not a Vegetarian in the first century but today he very well might be one because of how poorly the animals we eat are treated….  When asked by my good friend Jamie Pitts, what he would like to see white American theologians do to help with the issues of race in America he said, “One simple thing, if they are going to do theology, ‘christian theology’ then they must deal with the racial divide in America, in the whole world too, but especially in America.

A Simple and Silent Worship Service

I was in charge of planning for the evening so I pieced together a worship/prayer/contemplative time that included bits and pieces of prayers from a Celtic prayer book I have, the Book of Common Prayer, Quaker queries and silence, and scripture reading….  Group Prayers: in the silence of our hearts or in the spoken words let us give thanks for the gift of this dayand pray for the life of the world5.

My Very Own WordPress Favicon!

The only problem with steve cooley’s instructions is that the program he wants you to download icomaker 1.1 seems to not be available anymore, I even checked (an indespensible mac site) and it didn’t have it either…. After my sister Catrina (an art student at Findlay College) was kind enough to create a lamp post image using adobe illustrator for me and all I had to do was upload that .jpeg to the generator, drop the new file in my server’s public root (once I emailed patrick I knew this), add the one string of code and bam!

The New Worlds We Stand Before

There is good news I can’t help but share, yesterday I opened my email to read,Wess,I’ve been given the go-ahead to officially welcome you into the PhD program…I’ve been assigned as your mentor, so I’m thrilled to be working with you for the next few years…I couldn’t be more pleased to have you in the program — I know you will make a strong contribution.RyanSo it all begins again, a new adventure, a new world of ideas, possibilities, and struggle lay before us. I can taste the fresh air of excitement, but I can also feel the hollowness of fear….  But hey, I didn’t know anything about what it would take to come to the point where an email in my inbox reads “Congratulations…???Everyone has their own journey, and story about how they got where they are and the struggles they overcame to get there.

Using Rojo For RSS Feeds and Educational Use

Here I am mainly interested in saying a few things about its uses for the classroom.Note:There are many other services that are also great, but since I use rojo and really like it that’s the one I’ve decided to focus my attention on.The reason I am writing is mainly to point those of you who are not using a feed-readers to keep track of blogs to one that is easy to use and has great features….  It is also a great advantage that its web-based, so you can access it anywhere whether you have your primary comptuer with your or not.As a teacher’s assistant I have to grade a lot of student’s blogs; rojo makes this very easy by letting me go to one place and one category to get all the posts for a specific class.

9rules Religion Community Ping Homily on Courage

Taking his cue, I would like to share two ideas of courage: children are often very courageous and so are peacemakers; these two are closely related because their struggle is against those more powerful (in terms of size and might) in the world….  Fox is not alone in his courage facing the powers, many others have gone before him and many will follow in the footsteps of David, Jesus and Tom Fox – in that child like courage that confronted the those who are powerful and use it to harm others.

A Nose Dive – Site Down

While working on editing my new theme supported by Eric Taylor’s K2 Reloaded I decided to clear out some of my old plugins I never use, unfortunately you cannot delete active wordpress plugins, you must deactivate them first or else your site will die….  There was no way to go into a safe mode with wordpress so in order to fix the problem I had to go through phpMyAdmin which is built into Siteground’s cpanel.

Tom Fox Found Dead

We hope that in loving both friends and enemies and by intervening nonviolently to aid those who are systematically oppressed, we can contribute in some small way to transforming this volatile situation.“Here is their statement of conviction.As a peacemaking team we need to cross boundaries, help soldiers and other armed actors be humane, and invite them to refuse unjust orders.  We need to help preserve what is human in all of us and so offer glimpses of hope in a dark time.Here is a statement by Tom Fox on ???Why Are We Here?“If I understand the message of God, his response to that question is that weare to take part in the creation of the Peaceable Realm of God.

Some Web 2.0 for Educational Technology

Writely – free word processor, blogging API and collaboration tool.This application is great because its free (though I think they may have closed invitations for the time being), offers tons of editing options, allows you to tag your documents, and blog directly from their interface to your blogger account offering you a way to easily back up your posts.3….  They also have a desktop syncing tool, which will make your computer and the server work as if its a local hard drive when connected to the internet.