Emerging Church Book Review and Barclay Press

This weekend I finished two big tasks I’ve been working on for a while: first I completed the rough draft of my book review for Ryan Bolger and Eddie Gibb’s book, Emerging Churches which will be published on the Barclay Press website in April. This has been already been a great experience for me and as I get a chance to edit the review and here feedback from those who read and interact with the review in April will be great.

a disappearing act? xfba comments

Further investigation into the XFBA matter leaves us with these points: 1. The XFBA.org website is being dismantled (either that or edited to reflect the major changes in the organization). The front page no longer leads to any links into the information on their website, you have to access those pages directly. I saved theContinue reading “a disappearing act? xfba comments”

“Ground Hog Day” on Ground Hog Day

(without ever tell me I was wrong)” Well the concert really was on Wednesday, but it took me until the actual Ground Hog Day (Thursday) to realize I was a whole day behind, some how I had missed all of tuesday (or Wednesday)…. So I turned to my ol’ mac, one of the things I can rely on, and it said it was Thursday the 2nd, believing that even my mac was wrong, I asked my boss who began to laugh and asked me if I was having a “Ground Hog Day” like Bill Murray.


Over at lifeasmission.com, JR writes a well thought out and well defined review of George Barna’s revolution. In wondering whether he is really a revoltionary or not, JR discovers that Barna’s own conclusions are still to individualist and based too much on statistics and not enough on good theology for him to fit nicely intoContinue reading “lifeasmission.com”

when the buzzer sounds – xfba basketball

Ok – I’ve been holding my metaphoric tongue but there is a news flash concerning the XFBA (xzuberant faith basketball association). I’ve had tons of comments and hits of the blog today and this deems posting. largest set of comments another set of comments Here is what we know now: 1. No one was paidContinue reading “when the buzzer sounds – xfba basketball”