Bo Bannister Brilliance: Gender Inclusive Pronoun Revealed

Bo Bannister Finally Reveals the Gender Inclusive Pronoun That’s right Bo’s stroke of brilliance should not be ignored: We all know that we need a gender neutral/inclusive/3rd person/singular/human pronoun besides “it”. We have been waiting and waiting for the grammarians to introduce a new word for decades. But you know what? They’re not going toContinue reading “Bo Bannister Brilliance: Gender Inclusive Pronoun Revealed”

Today’s Article on the XFBA When marketing staffers asked Heard where the tickets were, they said none existed. They were, in essence, selling tickets to games that never were scheduled because no arenas has been secured. “I got fired for asking where were the tickets,??? former marketing staffer Sheneva Williams said. “I don’t think people were going to sendContinue reading “Today’s Article on the XFBA”

Critiques and Possibilities: Evangelicalism Part IV

This spiritualism of Christianity has lead countless men and women to “navel gaze??? in attempts of becoming spiritually transformed while at work, in public and even in the steeple-house they are rude, gossips and care only for those things which will elevate their status.With so much focus on getting people to change their minds and be “spiritual??? we have forgot to make real disciples out of people in a way that they actually look like and live like Jesus…. On the other hand though we must no lose site of the fact that Jesus did in fact challenge people to change not only their spiritual beliefs but also their allegiances, in other words people converted but in such a way that they radically changed they way they lived to become a disciple.

How a Small Blog Made a Big Difference

I even sent a couple emails with tips to the Rep three weeks before they wrote anything.This whole things was an exhausting process for my friends and I, as we collectively spent a 2-3 hours each day researching the league, the history of Mike Heard, Jevon Blake and Gregory Railey, investigating the ins and out of their stories, answering emails from players, even talking on the phone to one of Canton’s city officials Kelly Zachary (who is a very kind lady I might add) and news sources.  Everything that went onto my blog from day one was the culmination of a lot of hard work and time spent by a number of people who were aiming at stopping the scam before it caused to many problems, and attracting the eye and ears of the Ohio media.Unfortunately it got personal when my brother was fired (in front of his teamates) from his position on the team because Heard, Railey and Blake figured out that I was the one posting all the info about the league and “causing trouble.???

Hunger for Justice » 8 causes of global hunger Last night, I went to an amazing presentation at Holy Family Church in South Pasadena. They are hosting a series called “Hunger and Hope in Our World: Sudan to Southern California.”

Mac Attack – Ibook Battery Replacement

Well, much to Apple’s dismay I found Newer Tech an apple accessory store online that not only makes batteries that last longer than the standard Mac battery (up to 50%) they also give $20 to send in your old battery to have it recycled…. It seems like every time I’ve gone in there in the last year, I’ve known more about the products than the sales people, and there’s been more than one occasion where they’ve just been wrong about what they’ve told me.

my first music video directing debut

Richard Kentopp, a good friend of mine and student at Fuller, is the the singer and songwriter for a band called Books Died On. Some have considered it Baroque Pop, Indie-Tronic (electronic indie) or Grind Core; Richard calls them “rock, post hardcore,” I just call them one good ol’ time. Check out the myspace page.Continue reading “my first music video directing debut”