christmas and Quakers

Street Corner Society offers a very thoughtful look into Quaker practices concerning the holidays. This feeds into and also challenges what I said yesterday.

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Published by Wess Daniels

Teacher, author, Quaker, ​and public theologian. Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College.

One thought on “christmas and Quakers

  1. Having joined the Quaker Church this summer I was drawn to the simplicity of the worship and the pure unadulterated preaching of the word. I feel simplicity is the key. I would suggest a Christmas Eve Service (candlelight only) with an empty creche filled with straw at the center of the altar with one light shining down on it. People should enter introspectively seeking the renewed birth of our Lord and Saviour in thier own hearts. They should be handed a small candle upon entry. A guitarist could be playing "Simple Gifts" as the people quietly enter.
    Then the pastor could read the Christmas story from Matthew, make brief comments followed by the lighting of the candles and singing "Silent Night" accapello. Poeple should leave the church in silence and anticiplation.

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