Moving Towards a Marginal Theology

I appreciate the article Charles has offered, because I have come to the similiar conclusions about the status of life within the Friends Church. I agree that we have sold our important marginalized/prophetic voice for the easy sales marketing approach to ecclesiology as proposed by Willow Creek and Saddleback, etc. These new forms don’t workContinue reading “Moving Towards a Marginal Theology”

Zac Moon, Nevada Dessert Experience and Quakerism

met Zac Moon today from Nevada Dessert Experience, a Franciscan ministry that seeks to non-violently protest the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the nuclear test site in Nevada. I really enjoyed meeting with this fellow Quaker who comes as a radical Christian from the un-programmed group of Friends. In talking about the problems of identityContinue reading “Zac Moon, Nevada Dessert Experience and Quakerism”