Class Journal #1 Fuller at Skid Row

June 28 2004 Urban Mission Models Class Journal #1 I was struck the very beginning of the class by one small statement read aloud and set the momentum for the whole day.  This phrase was read from what I judged to be a clichéd filled poem called, an Urban Psalm 23.  “They never look inContinue reading “Class Journal #1 Fuller at Skid Row”

Class Journal #2 Fuller Visit’s Skid Row

June 29, 2004 Class Journal #2 We arrived in Skid Row, LA’s Homeless “Containment” district this morning at about 9:00 am to find at least 10 people sleeping on the sidewalk.  One person had a tent fixed to the fence and created somewhat of a small shelter about 7 feet long and 3 inches wide,Continue reading “Class Journal #2 Fuller Visit’s Skid Row”

Inner Change Journal #4

Journal #4 July 1, 2004 Today, I began to have that camp feeling arriving with everyone around 9:15, groggy, people feeling more comfortable, and more personal with one another.  Today was a day to think about getting personal with the city.  Two things stand out – our talks about the shift from parish ministry toContinue reading “Inner Change Journal #4”