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A Survey

My Wife, Emily, Filled this survey out the other day and I thought it was really funny.  She pretty much just rocks!
This is what you’re supposed to do…and try not to be LAME and spoil the fun! Just give in. Copy (not forward) this entire

e-mail and paste it into a new email. Don’t forget to delete out all the other email Addresses so this doesn’t get mpossibly long. Change all of the answers so that they apply to you. Then, send this to a whole bunch of people you know  INCLUDING* the person who sent it to you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about your friends. It is fun and easy.

1. First Name: Emily

2. Were you named after anyone?  no

3. Do you wish on stars?  no

4. When did you last cry?  Strangely, I don’t know… I have a tendency to cry often, but haven’t had a reason to cry lately.

5. Do you like your handwriting? Nope

6. What is your favorite lunchmeat? Peanut butter

7. What is your birth date?   11.17.80

8. What is your most embarrassing CD? ???

9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? Yeah, I guess I would say I agree with myself about a lot of things.

10. Are you a daredevil?  I don’t know… I teach Junior High.  Does that qualify?

11. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? YES

12. Do looks matter? No…. but the way you take care of yourself does.Â

13. How do you release anger? Cry and yell and get violent.

14. Where is your second home?  Cali.

15. Do you trust others easily?  Yes… and no.  I assume the best of people, but I also assume they won’t accept me for who I am.  I guess that shows a lack of trust.

16. What was your favorite toy as a child? I really don’t know!

17. What class in high school do you think was totally useless? World History taught by the football coach.  Talk about bad professional practices…

18. Do you have a journal?  Yes, I don’t use it often enough, though.

19. Do you use sarcasm a lot?  No?

20. Favorite  movie(s)? Anne of Green Gables, Spellbound, Napoleon Dynamite, American Splendor

22. What are your nicknames?  Louise, Weezer

23. Would you bungee jump?  No, I’m afraid of heights.

24. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I don’t know…

26. Do you think that you are strong? YES!

27. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?   Breyers Mint M&M

28. Shoe Size?   8

29. What are your favorite colors?  greens, yellows, oranges

30. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? My insecurity

31. Who do you miss most?  My family

32. Do you want everyone you send this to send it back?  Yes!

33. What color pants are you wearing?  Army green

34. What are you listening to right now? The air conditioner in my classroom (my classroom!)

35. Last thing you ate? Popcorn (don’t tell Wess!)

36. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  Turmeric!

37. What is the weather like right now?  California hot and sunny

38. Last person you talked to on the phone?  Jeff Ash, my nextdoor neighbor from Fuller

39. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? I think the way they carry themselves… but I would have to test to verify

40. Do you like the person who sent this to you? YES!

41. How Are You Today?  Well!

42. Favorite Drink? Water or green tea!

43. Favorite Sport?  To watch–gymnastics!  To doâ€??jogging?

44. Hair Color?    brown

45. Eye Color?  hazel

46. Do you wear contacts?  No

48. Favorite Food? Yes.  I mean I love food, but especially anything Indian or Asian or Mediterranean or Mexican

49. Last Movie You Watched? The Italian Job

50.  Favorite Day Of The Year?  The day I spend celebrating!

51. Scary Movies Or Happy Endings?  Happy Endings

52. Summer Or Winter? Four seasons

53. Hugs OR Kisses?  Hugs

55. What Is Your Favorite Dessert? ICE CREAM

58. Living Arrangements? Me and Hubby 2 miles from Mission Control

59. What Book(s) Are You Reading?  The Call of Stories by Robert Coles

60. What’s On Your Mouse Pad? Don’t have one

62. What Did You Watch Last night on TV?  Extreme makeover, home edition

63. Favorite Smells? Fresh morning air, food

64. Rolling Stones or Beatles? BEATLES

65. Do you believe in Evolution or Creationism?  Not that clear cut… but Creation

66. What’s the furthest you’ve been from home? Dominican Republic

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Rob’s Conversation with Rob Lowe

Here is an email my good friend Rob Strong sent me earlier today its worth the humor:

“I was on a film shoot from noon till 2a.m.  Liu and I are doing extra work for our new hobby.  ‘Gotta shoot the breeze with Rob Lowe about 1 a.m.

The conversation went something like this:




The buzzer buzzes, a room full of extras sigh with relief, and Rob, the extra runs up to the assistant director, grimacing and holding his crotch like a little school-boy.

                                                            ROB STRONG

                                      Oh, God!  Please!  We have five minutes

                                      till the next shot gets set up.  I’m an old

                                      man, and I’ve gotta take care of my

                                      prostate!  My bladder’s distended like a

                                      playground kickball.

The Assistant Director waves Rob on without even looking, continuing to argue with the other Assistant Director through his head-set.

                                                      ASS. DIRECTOR


                                    Just don’t try to come back in if the red

                                    light’s on!                                         

Rob smacks open the steel door, and stops for a second enjoying the cool night air.  He begins to stroll quickly down the sidewalk toward the bathroom-for-extras on the other side of the trailers.  He hears the door open again behind him and turns briefly to see a black-clad figure walking swiftly just behind him.

                                                  ROB LOWE

                                  How’s it goin’.

                                                  ROB STRONG

                                  Hey, man, okay.  I’ve got a tank load of

                                  coffee to get rid of.  I didn’t know we’d be

                                  here this late.

                                                  ROB LOWE

                                  Yeah.  I know.  I’m gettin’ ready to go

                                  fire some up myself.

                                                  ROB STRONG

                                  Right on, man.  See ya.

                                                  ROB LOWE


Rob Strong continued to stroll swiftly toward the bathroom, his distended bladder taking up more thought space than the brief encounter with celebrity.

As he peed into the urinal, he grinned with elated relief.  Then he thought to himself


                                  Holy shit!  I just talked with Rob Lowe

                                  about piss and coffee.??

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Napoleon Skills

I was on the official Napoleon Dynamite site this morning and signed up to be nominated (sp.) for the president of the fan club.  I had to answer these questions below.

1. Skills
drinking vinegar, and ramping off the curb on my bike

2. what is your campaign slogan
give the curly head a try

3. imagine its your first day of duty as the the president of the napoleon dynamite fan club and someone says to you, “unless we do something now, evil robots will rule the earth in less than 10 years. What would you do?
i would buy Breyers Ice Cream for everyone for a year, and then do extreme sports and stuff to have fun before we die.

4. If you could have one mythical beast as a pet what would it be and why?
Star-ama.  a starfish – Llama, because starfish can barely be killed (and they’re shaped like ninja stars) and llama have really long necks to see things plus they’re just freakin cool.

5. if you have to watch just one scene, say you’d been imprisoned for eternity by an evil overlord, what one scene from Napoleon Dynamite could you watch endlessly until saved by your loyal subjects?

-the part where he asks the girl to get her stuff out of his locker-room because he needs room for his numchucks.  either that or the last scene with the tether ball.

6. Top Three Reasons to believe in Napoleon Dynamite.
1. HIs apprehending glasses.
2. He is tough
3. chicks dig him

7. if you could take any food prodent, other than potatoes, and creat a tot from it, what would you select and why?

tofu, because my wife is a vegetarian.

8. DO you know sign language? if yes, prove it.

-no – because I am not deaf

9. if you were going to the drive-in, perhaps to see a sweet film like enter the dragon or chapping mall, but could only fit four other people in your car, what people from history, fiction or the realm of magic kingdoms would you take as your guests? And if you could sneak one more person in the trunk, who would that be?

I would take Hannibal smith from the A-team, Gandalf the white, Donatello the Ninja Turtle, and Inspector Cleuseau from the Peter Seller’s Pink Panther flicks. And for the trunk i would take Jamie Pitts my friend from school who could handle the rough ride of the trunk and then he would jump out of the trunk when we get there and announce that he will be my vice president of the N.D. club.

10.  What is your favorite color (other than blue, red, green or mint)?

-dark brown like my hair and my eyes.

11. if you had one of the new tape players that can hold 5,000 songs, what 5,000 songs would you play on it?

-The 5,000 songs that i already have on my 5,000 songs tape player, goosh ….idiot!

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this cd needs to be bought (to all you thieves out there – including myself) and listened too. it is incredible and so are the people that make this music. congradulations micheal, you deserve this. and if it makes anyone feel better i bought it. today at Best Buy how cool is that.  Posted by Hello

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there is beauty in those things we see as feeble and weak. are we willing to be weak in order to find beauty or will we continue to hide behind false pretenses, power, control and pretend as if we are greater than life itself?  Posted by Hello

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Lovedrugs Save the World

I am on my way to by the new lovedrug album.  you should all do the same. support music that still has some heart in it.
Then i am going to drink coffee and read how to save the world.

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Reading List From My First Year at Fuller

I went through and typed out all those book this year that have been most influential in my schooling.
It was good for me to do this because I actually had the opportunity to realize that I did learn something this year!

Brown, Warren; Murphy, Nancy; Malony, H. Newton eds
Whatever Happended to the Soul: Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human nature

A collections of Essays put together by Fuller’s Main Philosopher Nancey Murphy of the possibility of human beings having no soul and its implications upon Christianity. She Who is an Anabaptist believer herself believes that there is no immaterial soul and seeks to verify her beliefs through Science and theology.
Influence on my thinking*** (out of 5)

Murphy, Nancy
Reasoning and Rhetoric in Religion

An easily accessible book covering the structure of arguments to Alasdair MacIntyre’s account of how to evaluate traditions using Philosophy and the Methods from the field of science.
Influence ****

O’connor, Elizabeth
Journey Inward Journey Outward 3rd Ed

A biography of the Church of the Savior in the late 60’s a wonderful community church that reaches out to the urban poor in downtown DC.
Influence ****

King, Martin Luther
Strength to Love

A Collection of Luther’s Sermons you could almost hear him speaking these powerful messages.

Influence: **
(I thought it was amazing, but I agreed pretty much with what he was saying, and much of it wasn’t that new)


Woolman, John
The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman

A great read for any mystic and especially for those who are interested in how the Abolition got started. John Woolman’s Piety is challenging to anyone’s faith.

Influence: ***
Cooper, Wilmer
A Living Faith, A Historical and Comparative Study of Quaker Belief

A brief history and summary of Quaker Beliefs from the most liberal to the most conservative evangelicals. One of the best parts of this book is when Cooper talks about Christ as Prophet, Priest and King, and how Christ as prophet was one of the most important parts of early Quaker Christology, a part that is lost in much of evangelical Christianity today.

Influence: ***

Barclay, Robert
Apology for True Christian Divinity

The founding theology for Quakerism, written 30 years after the movement was started. It is as systematic a theology as the Quakers had and it is quite frankly an amazing work of theology. I found myself saying time and time again “why have I never heard any of this before???? Probably the single most important book to me this school year.

Influence: *****

Barbour, Hugh and Frost, J.
The Quakers

A great history of Quakerism in America, pretty critical and covers fairly the different parts of the movement.

Pitts, James
How to Live Your Life
Probably the best book ever written by the one true Christian human alive.

Sieder, Ron
Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger

A very powerful, provocative and moving account of the America’s (and its church) neglect of the poor.


Douglas, Kelley
The Black Christ

A book about Christ and how he relates to African American Spirituality written from a Feminist African American Woman. A great a short read to get your feet wet in Black Theology.

Influence: ****

Marsden, George
Fundamentalism and American Culture

A critical and well put together history of the Fundamentalist movement and its negative effects on the American church. Probably the second most important book I read this school year. It helped me understand much of my church background and the ideologies that fueled it.

Influence: ****

McKnight, John
The Careless Society and its Counterfeits

How is it that there are so many service jobs now? With so few product producing jobs available in this country? J. McKnight asks this question and many others as he sets for the idea that much of America’s economy is fueled by service jobs that were created to fulfilled false needs in the society. He says that what people need is true community (and he offers great ideas as to what this is) and not more therapists, doctors, teachers, and rescue mission workers etc.

Influence: ****

Roberts, Samuel
African American Ethics

A great ethics book looking at many important issues for African Americans and how these issues are being handled by the larger society. It also has some great Black Theology in it.

Influence: ****

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friday moving day

We have been packing for about two weeks, and we have
already taken many things to the other apartment.
Last week emily went everyday i think just to take
even a couple things so that we would have less to
move when the day came. it is here. I am picking up
a uhaul today – i will probably spend about $80 on it.
we were considering taking multiple trips with vans
and small trucks but decided that one trip with the
uhaul would be less stressful and less of a commitment
for our friends.

We have been thinking about, praying for and talking
about moving to Glendale for about 4 months now. and
when it comes down to it i am nervous about the move.
What if we aren’t supposed to go there, what if we
can’t really afford the rent, what if we have a really
hard time maintaining our friendships or making new
ones, what if young-life falls through…

“You start to trust the things that deeper comfort abounds, safety abounds..” -Pedro

Lord please helps us to find the deeper comfort.

We have:
Ron Ragsdale
Jamie Pitts
Richard Kentopp
Andrew Stanfield
Jeff Ash
Rob Strong
Eric Mulligan
Mike Work
and Emily and I all helping.

We should be good to go.

We went to Jessie’s birthday yesterday, and met many
of her friends, and then those who she rents from DAVE
and MEREDITH. they are pretty hip people with fun
personalities. they own their own home so of course
we were jealous and felt like kids because we haven’t
bought a place yet. This is one main reason i want to
be back home. right now we could be living in a 3 or
4 bedroom house. anyways hanging out with these kats
makes me want to continue to pursue art and music. I
know what i have some ability and when i get around
people who are artsy it makes me want to be amazing
-that is what i am not. I often wonder how much my
art should be apart of my life, because i am not
naturally gifted like some i know – i wonder if i am
chasing after hollow dreams.

“I am a simple, and I sing a simple song…”

I found myself entering a conversation on urban
ministry with a friend who is a young-life staff person.
I think i have four
things you don’t want me talk about, Urban ministry,
Quakers, Dylan and Macs. I have a hard time shutting
up about any of that stuff. anyways she pretty much
said that for her Urban ministry is no different than
any other kind of ministry and she gets really annoyed
with people who “are like i am all about urban
ministry, that is where it is at…” I told her i
don’t like people that make one thing their cause –
because people get more caught up being sold out to
their cause and can often miss the point of the
Gospel. I know plenty that have done this for urban
ministry, suburban ministry, homosexual and abortion
issues etc. I don’t want to be one of those people
that have a cause, except that my cause be to proclaim
the kingdom of God.

BUT…(knew it was coming)…i can’t help but read the
prophets in the OT and read the whole freaking! Gospel
(especially the very urban-underdog focus book of
Luke) and see that Jesus speaks time and time again
about serving the poor, and the rejects of society,
those who have been forgotten by the suburban church,
those who have been hated by the government. I am not
trying to read into the Gospel here, i got this from
reading the Gospels honestly.

I just read Matthew 4:23 – where it talks about Jesus
“proclaiming the kingdom of God” and he was healing
all the sick around him. It was interesting to find
that both of these events were recorded as taking
place in the same verse, and if i remember correctly
it was in the same sentence! so what do i mean to say
about this? Well the sick and crippled have always
been the poor and outcasts of society, there is little
argument otherwise and the fact that proclaiming the
kingdom of God (the verbal event) is coupled with the
healing of people (the physical event). For Christ to
speak of the kingdom of God (the good news) was to
make things right for those who have been brought low
by the social, cultural and political systems of the
day. This isn’t something that is understood by the
typical evangelical church today (suburban or
otherwise). Most people equate proclaiming the
kingdom of God with preaching the Gospel and they
couple that with “getting people saved.” The ideology
that fuels this thinking is, “I believe that Christ
has called me to get people saved, i get them saved by
telling them to believe in Jesus and get out of sin,
when they do that their lives are now whole. Now I
must move on to the next person to get them saved, and
so on.” There is something wrong with this
picture…it is that Christ never got people saved and
then ditched them, actually it is if anything flip
flopped, Christ fixed their social situation, gave
them hope by healing them, feeding them, or
confronting the unjust systems that took advantage of
the weak. The point isn’t to say that christ never
tried to bring people into a relationship with God,
because he did do that, the point is that he was
concerned about the whole individual, and how to make
it right for each person – one at a time. There are
whole people, hearing about how to get saved but left
to sleep on the cold streets, there are people who are
hearing “Jesus Saves” but then they go home to an
abusive single mother who has no food or money and
screams at her kids out of desperation and fear.
There are mothers who are forced to live in places
like Skid Row in Downtown LA, with four kids. There
are divorced familes, that are broken, angry and tired
of the fighting but have no one who is willing to just
listen to their problems, there are people who preach
at them about right and wrong choices, but no
Christ-loving friends who shut-up and just listen.
There are children who have fathers who kill
themselves because they lost all hope, those kids
wonder where the “Jesus Saves” church was at for the
past 10 years while their father died from depression
– no one to love – no one to listen to the rejects.
those same kids now have no father, they know he gave
up because he had no hope, and they only here the
words of “Jesus Saves” while they see no real physical
people who are willing to get involved in their lives,
who are willing to get dirty.
well this is why I believe that ministry to the poor,
rejected and oppressed is at the base of Christianity,
because just like everything else our Lord did, it is
counter intuitive, it is difficult, costly and frankly
it is really unappealing to my american wallet and LA

Good thing Christ never called us to those things.
Good thing for me that i was born in a struggling
middle class family – that was better than those
damned families in Skid Row. God must have just
decided that it should be that way. I should consider
myself lucky and do whatever i can to keep my family
from ending up down there, oh heavens what could be
worse than living on the streets??!!

May we be like you Lord Jesus – concerned with the
whole person – healing those who you loved and sought
after…the lost.
Matt. 4:23 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in
their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the
kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness
among the people.

Hear America!
Luke 12:15 And he said to them, “Take care! Be on your
guard against all kinds of greed; for one’s life does
not consist in the abundance of possessions.Â???

Luke 12:33 Sell your possessions, and give alms. Make
purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an
unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes
near and no moth destroys.
Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there your
heart will be also.

Unfortunately – those who speak with such passion
often get written of as too extreme, this is not my
intention, and those of you who know me hopefully you
can testify to my heart. But at the same time Jesus
was written off as too extreme – so if we are like our
Lord I hope we are too extreme.

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Fourth of July in Skid Row

I found, at least for myself, one of the best places to spend a fourth of July Church service at – an African-American Church located in the middle of the hopeless and Notorious Skid Row of Los Angeles. Emily and I went to Central City Community Church of the Nazarene (CCCN) this Sunday and experienced a side of church (and patriotism) that was good for the soul and challenged a white-man’s pride.

I spent this past week with my Urban Mission Models class meeting at CCCN and was intrigued by their “grassroots” approach to the hopelessness within Skid Row. I decided to call it hopelessness as opposed to poverty or homelessness because that is exactly what it is; Skid Row is comprised of Human Souls that have lost all hope. This Church seeks to have small groups of people that it ministers to; attempting to build transforming relationships with each person they come across. This leads them to shutting their doors on some people, but it also means that they are able to be more deeply involved with those they are ministering among. Their style of ministry got my attention and so my wife and I went to visit.

We found this church with its doors wide open, people flowing in and out of the doors, some sitting outside against the walls, showing that the location of this church is very important to their ministry. The predominately black church, was filled with many people, some of other colors, some wearing dress clothes, suits, some wearing jeans and head bands; it was truly a band of misfits which reminded me of Gideon’s army.

There were two significant things I walked away with yesterday: the first was that it is important to hear counter-narratives of our country and Christian faith and the second is that building community must be an intentional act within the church for any community to take place.

First the pastor, Jeff Thomas, gave a powerful message on “Dependent Independence,” the main point of his message revolved around the theme that America within the Declaration of Independence wanted freedom from its oppressor, England, while at the same time oppressed those that maintain the economy of the country – those enslaved by those writing against oppression. This was much more my kind of Fourth of July service, no USA worship, no uncritical talk of the sheer amazingness of America; rather it was great to hear another side to the “the truth.” I was glad to hear, “the other side of the story.” The story not often talked about in those ways, especially not most white churches today.

I can’t help but think of the deaths of the Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans when it comes to America’s Independence, but this is not a popular view-point, and many people push it off as – can’t we move past that yet? I thought about this also, but then I realized something, the African American churches continue to talk about this because the white churches have not collectively owned up to this or talked about it. When one group (or person) tries to persuade the mass population that group or person, often must tug hard the other direction in hopes of raising awareness, this is one reason why I think the black church continues to rehash these issues.

Secondly, history must be retold in hopes of preventing repeats and learning from past failures. Unfortunately America is in the business of oppression, our economy is fueled by sweatshop labors in and outside this country, it is powered by service oriented governmental jobs that create needs in order to create jobs (one example of this is the compartmentalization of much of the educational system – there are many more specialists in the field than every before yet the quality of education continues to drop), and it is powered by resources that we must take from other countries. Bush’s war on terrorism, motivated for a control over the middle east’s oil resources is yet another form of America oppressing others. I realize that some will not agree with this view, some will argue for humanitarian reasons that Hussein had to be removed – I don’t doubt that there was awful cruelties taking place in that country, but what we have done over the last year with our bombs, and warfare machines has created much more destruction and brought the end to many more lives than what Hussein was doing. If we were motivated to rescue the people from his tyranny, why was the war sold as a quest to end terrorism, and why has it turned out to be all about gaining control of Iraq’s oil resources?

These questions need to be asked, leaders need to be questioned, and I think the fourth of July is a perfect time to talk about “what is freedom?” and “how are we freeing or oppressing others? In our country and in the world?” The white evangelical church has for the most part turned a blind eye to the injustices in this country and world, they are not listening to the voices of the oppressed. The cries of the poor, urban and black churches continue to seep forth from the walls of injustice, calling those in power, those educated, those who have turned a blind eye to look up and notice – that our country is not yet “land of the free,” it calls forth hoping to find a prophetic voice from which it can speak.

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