On God Pub: No Dogma, No Drama

Pub Theology 1 from Episcopal Diocese of Oregon on Vimeo.

In 2010, my good friend Shelly Fayette, priest at Good Shepherd Episcopal, and I started a joint venture we call God Pub. It’s not often that Quakers and Episcopals join forces to create a space where folks could come together to discuss questions about God and faith in a setting that encourages listening and dialogue. Rarely is there a division between the group, yet it’s always interesting to hear people say things like, “Well, Episcopals thing/do…” or “As a Quaker, I…” A joint venture like this really adds to the texture of the conversation when we draw from our different backgrounds and experiences.

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Wake Up Everybody

Here’s a new video from John Legen and the Roots. I love the Roots so that’s how I bumped into this, I’ve never really listened to John Legend before.  I find the video really uplifting, and the song has a good tune with some great lyrics. It just kind of makes me happy all around. The first time I watched it Common’s lyrics stood out clearest: “Even in this generation living on computers/Only love, love, love can reboot us.”

YouTube – Wake Up Everybody.