Some Problems with Online Christian Communities | And Why You Should Stay Away

Screenshot Online communities continue to grow Myspace, Virb, Facebook, delicious, flickr, twitter, digg, 30boxes,, etc, etc, all offer a way for people to share and stay in touch. I personally like the attention web 2.0 companies have paid to making the web more interactive in this way. I use many of the services above, and have found that they add to my life in various ways simply helping me to easily connect with other people. Continue reading “Some Problems with Online Christian Communities | And Why You Should Stay Away”

Loving Ourselves To Death? A Theological Reflection of Jesus, Self-Love and Modernity

quaker meeting house[This is cross-posted from the BYM blog] In the context of talking about Quaker work, one of our sessions yesterday, something was said about loving ourselves before we can love others. In this dualistic perspective the inward comes before the outward and there is no room for a circular interplay between the two. Jesus was quoted as supporting this idea when he said in (Matt. 22:37-39) “He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ And a second [command] is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” Continue reading “Loving Ourselves To Death? A Theological Reflection of Jesus, Self-Love and Modernity”

TV: It's Turn Off Your TV Week

I almost forgot to announce that yesterday marked the beginning of “Turn off your TV Week,” sponsored by There are a number of ways to participate but the simplest way is to unplug the TV for the week. And why not? We have family and friends that would love the extra time, we have bookshelves full of books to be read, maybe there’s a phone call or letter you’ve been meaning to write, places we’ve been meaning to volunteer at, or that mid-week small group you keep missing. Whatever it is there are many positive activities you can put in place of watching TV this week. Continue reading “TV: It's Turn Off Your TV Week”

Reading for Revolution – George Barna and the Emerging Church

Picture 1 Today I had the chance to lead Ryan’s class for the second time this week. On Tuesday we covered aspects from the book Emerging Churches, while today we covered questions and key insights concerning one of Barna’s more recent hit titles, “Revolution.” Here is some of what we discussed in class today (with slides attached at the bottom).

After reading the book I was a bit stumped as to how to present the material and lead a discussion on it that would be constructive, fair and cover the relevant material. Part of my big hang-up with Barna’s presentation is the way in which he presents his material, he’s a modern outsider trying to be a postmodern insider. I don’t fault him for this, I just think he doesn’t really get it. So because of his own starting point his standpoint shifts the way he understands what’s happening in the church and culture in ways that seem to me to be too reductionistic and individualistic. Continue reading “Reading for Revolution – George Barna and the Emerging Church”

Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic

This past Friday night I went to see Elvis Perkins with Emily, Cate and Bob. Recently, I found out about Perkins through Paste Magazine. Their review concluded with a statement that grabbed my attention. They said though this guy hasn’t been around long, and it may be too early to tell, the album feels like a classic. Hisdebut album “Ash Wednesday” has only been out a couple weeks and he’s making quite a stir with it.

I purchased the album directly after reading the review from Paste and I think they may have even understated just how good this guy really is. I’ve been hitting play and repeat on my ipod for the couple weeks as if I were trying to overdose on his music. And it just keeps getting better.

Continue reading “Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic”