Stations of the Lord’s Prayer (A Worship Resource)

This past weekend at our convergent Quaker retreat we had both programmed (planned) and unprogrammed (silent) worship. For the programmed worship on Saturday morning I planned an interactive worship time based around the Lord’s Prayer (a topic I am deeply interested in). In this post I’ve included a video and pictures of the various stations, here and at the bottom you can download all the instructions and list of needed materials. I have not included the descriptions and instructions for each station, you’ll have to read the documentation for that. In each station one person read the petition from that portion of the Lord’s Prayer, there are queries to help reflect on the prayer, an activity and then time for silence.

Here is where I explained the basic idea:

Be sure to give yourself some time and get some help if you can because It took a little time to set things up. There is a list of materials in the downloadable packet below.

Station One: Sanctify

Our Father in the heavens, may your name be sanctified (Matthew 6:9).


Query: Consider the ways we can pray this prayer in three forms: inward, upward and outward.

Activity: Light candles and say opening prayer

Station Two: Witness

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).

Query: “How can we be a part of the kingdom’s coming on Earth?”

Activity: A Body Prayer “To Become Useful In God’s Plan” Face the four directions

Station Three: Eat

Give us today the bread we need (Matthew 6:11).

Query: “Do we seek to share our resources, belonging and food with those who need it?  Am I available to share daily bread with others? Does my table reflect how the kingdom of God looks?”

Activity: Slice a piece of bread and give it to another person

Station Four: Forgive

Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors (Matthew 6:12).

Query:”What do I owe you God?  What debts have I incurred against you and others?”

Activity: Write out a debt you owe God or one that another person owes you on a piece of paper and tear them up together at the end.

Station Five: Cleanse

Do not bring us into temptation, but rescue us from the evil one (Matthew 6:13).

Query: When do I let temptation overcome me? How can I live a cleansed life?
Activity: Read a confession and wash another person’s hands.

Take five minutes per station and we had five small groups that rotated after the five minutes were up (we rang a bell). At the end, after everyone had gone through all the stations, we returned together for a time of silent worship. The feedback was the most people enjoyed the experience of going through these and appreciated the interactivity in the stations.

Download the packet of descriptions, instructions and materials needed.

The video and most of the photos were provided by Martin Kelley.

FAQs of a Theologian: Can you explain to me what prayer means to a christian?

I’ve had for sometime the idea to write posts based on questions I am asked via email or questions that people ask google and somehow land on my site. In fact I’ve been compiling some questions since early this summer on my Theo.edit (my wiki). Thus I am going to begin a bi-monthly segment answering some of these question or “Frequently Asked Questions of a Christian Theologian.” Then once I am done, I will either link to or post the answers on the wiki for later use.

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Queries on The Lord's Prayer

This Sunday I am leading a discussion on the Lord’s Prayer, basically covering what I’ve been writting about here for the past month or so. In preparing I decided to create a few Queries to help begin the discussion on Prayer and mission.

Here are those queries:

a. When has prayer led you to live differently?

b. How can the simple prayers of your heart reflect God’s redeeming power in your life?

c. What are the values you wish to see represented in the life of the church?  Do these reflect the desires of the Lord?

d. When do you feel your prayers are most effective?

e. Will you allow the Lord’s Prayer to form you spiritually and missionally?  What would it look like if your life was guided by this prayer?

If there are ones that minister to you specifically, or if you feel led to share one of your own please feel free to do so.

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NT Wright – Retelling Stories: Alternate Histories and the Lord's Prayer

Mike Work, writing on his class blog recently, wrote a great short post about Jesus’ way of being a storyteller.  He writes,

In his [NT Wright] words, “Jesus made a regular practice of retelling the story of Israel in such a way as to subvert other tellings, and to invite his hearers to make his telling of the story their own (174).??? The prominent locus of this was in the parables, which told the story of Israel, but tweaked it, often shifting the boundaries and reversing the outcomes of the story. One prominent motif was the divine status reversal, with those well-off in the present often coming out not so well. These stories did something; they painted an alternative future, which countered the visible reality of Jesus’ day.

Mike’s comment stirred my mind in two directions, one is directly related to the first verse of Lord’s Prayer and the other has to do with Quakerism (next post).

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Qaddish and The Lord's Prayer: Jesus' Subversive Tactics

In this continuing series on the Lord’s Prayer I am looking at the Jewish prayer known as the Qaddish, and comparing it to the Lord’s Prayer.  When we compare these two prayers we see themes arise that are particularly interesting when we consider that Christ’s prayer is intentionally tweaked to include rather subversive value, which give us clues into how he understood the Kingdom of God. 
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A Short Prayer Service with The Lord's Prayer

Getting back on track of doing some work on the Lord’s Prayer I thought I would offer a simple prayer service we used for small group a while back. This could work as a personal time for reflection or for small groups, and can be changed and modified to your own liking. This is set up to have multiple participate and can involve a meal if you want to go for a longer meeting.

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