On Disciples: Forgiving George Bush And/Or the Church

I ran across a website yesterday via Good Magazine called “Forgive George.” It’s not really surprising to see something like this, with the inauguration only a few weeks away, the end of Bush’s presidency is on every one’s mind (there are a number of “tribute” sites to Bush like this). This particular site promotes something we all need to consider: forgiveness. And it’s not just forgiveness towards George W. Bush, but towards anyone in your life who might need forgiveness. The site is very simple, click the radio button that states you will forgive Bush, though you don’t have to, and while you’re at it you can also write in someone else you’d like to forgive. Continue reading On Disciples: Forgiving George Bush And/Or the Church

David Bazan Visits Fuller Seminary

David Bazan graced Fuller Seminary with his presence this past Saturday, playing a sold-out show in what turned out to be a very intimate show in Fuller’s Travis Auditorium. I’ve been a fan of David Bazan’s music (aka Pedro the Lion and Headphones) since a friend of mine let me borrow a copy of the Whole EP in my early college years. Ever since that point Bazan has been at the very top of my preferred musicians. His deeply profound, and often bleak, narrative-driven songs delve the major questions of humanity, sexuality, faith, life/death, marriage, politics and Christianity, while always grasping for the Real. Bazan is one of a kind when it comes to crafting heartfelt songs that have a kind of prophetic grit to them, and his show at Fuller this past weekend was no exception. Continue reading David Bazan Visits Fuller Seminary