Sketchnote Study & Discussion Guide for Parker Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness”

Sketchntoes for Chapter 5 - A hidden Wholeness

We are continuing our conversation through Parker Palmer’s book, “A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Towards the Undivided Life.” This week I am going to post discussion guides for chapters 4, 5, 6. The way we are doing these groups is sort of like mini-circles of trust. We haven’t been as disciplined about some of the very helpful guidelines on how an actual Circle of Trust is conducted, but we are starting with silence, reading a poem (or other 3rd thing) and then asking open-ended questions about that to get the sharing started. It’s been a very powerful experience to do this with our group.


Chapter 1 Sketchnotes & Discussion Guide

Chapter 2 Sketchnotes & Discussion Guide

Chapter 3 Sketchnotes & Discussion Guide

Chapter 4–5 – Discussion Guide
Chapter 4–5 – Sketchnotes

Chapter 6 – Discussion Guide with a discussion for the poem “The Woodcarver”
Chapter 6 – Sketchnotes

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