A little surprise from Google Claus

A few weeks back google posted that they were going to be giving away a limited number of their new Chrome OS laptops for testing and everyone was welcome to apply. So I did just that. And low and behold, a little box arrived on the doorstep today! I can hardly believe it. I feel like I won a grandprize or something. I actually had no idea what it was until I got the box open and then saw what it was. I had a lot of fun opening it up, checking it out and getting used to using a laptop that is completely based on a web-browser and the Internet. So far I have a few things I’d change but overall I like it. I will post more on my experiences after I’ve used it a little bit.

Got a (free) google laptop today

Google Chrome Laptop

Google Chrome Laptop

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9 thoughts on “A little surprise from Google Claus”

    1. James – Actually, I tried chatting with you online yesterday about it but I found a glitch in the OS. It wouldn’t let me talk with people who were only logged into AIM through the google chat program built into this thing.

  1. Looks quite a bit like the Macbook (white) case. How’s the keyboard and trackpad work for you?

  2. Looks quite a bit like the Macbook (white) case. How’s the keyboard and trackpad work for you?

    1. Chris, the keyboard is better than the trackpad but still feels cheap compared to a macbook. The trackpad pretty much sucks. But my understanding is that the hardware isn’t really what’s being tested since these are unbranded laptops. I think they’re wanting us to focus more on the software end of things, which is nice in parts and leaves somethings to be desired.

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