'Dont Buy It' – Slam Poetry from the Climate Camp for OneClimate.net

Came across this today while reading Jarrod McKenna’s post on climate change over at the sojo blog. The poem is really intense and has that prophetic edge we aren’t real comfortable with but I think it’s worth watching and considering. His message also resonates wtih Rev. Billy’s “The Church of Life After Shopping” and so naturally it caught my eye.

YouTube – ‘Dont Buy It’ – Slam Poetry from the Climate Camp for OneClimate.net.

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3 thoughts on “'Dont Buy It' – Slam Poetry from the Climate Camp for OneClimate.net”

  1. I really like it. i also do slam poetry. but i think it is something that we fail to recognize, and how consumerism was really the first sin, we couldn't do without 'that' and so we took what we wanted. i find it too interesting that also in some churches, people fail to forget the hebrew word for world means 'all of creation' not just people, that's what/who jesus came for. i really liked it. cool.

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