Dress Down Friday: Ray Anderson, New Delicious and Hipsters

Check out this image used to discuss what some are doing about the high gas prices:

Delicious.com launched the new version of their website. It looks pretty good, has a few nice new features (and here) but overall lacks some of the innovations other social websites have.

Ray Anderson, a systematic theology professor of mine from Fuller, has a series of three essays on Ben Myer’s blog discussing homosexuality. No matter where you fall on the question his thoughts are careful, thorough and worth reading.

Here’s a really interesting and (unfortunately) fairly accurate article about Hipsters: The Dead End of Western Civilization from Adbusters.

Last night I had to repair my bluetooth mighty mouse, a painful process. First, did you know you can clean it with vodka? And second, if you do need to actually take yours a part like I did, watch this.

For all you interested in Pentecostalism here is a new blog called Azusa Remixed.

And lastly, Gnarls Barkley does an unlikely cover.

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  1. I’m not sure if submitted this comment earlier or not, but that picture isn’t Photoshopped. That’s the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas.

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