Dress Down Friday | More Radiohead, Elephants, Double Births and Hauerwas

radiohead in rainbows album cover

It was good to take a week off from Dress Down Friday last week, I guess you could say I had a “Business as usual Friday” instead (but that doesn’t necessarily make for an interesting blog post). But this week I’ve got some really great stuff.

Radiohead Goodness

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2 thoughts on “Dress Down Friday | More Radiohead, Elephants, Double Births and Hauerwas”

  1. I have fully dived into In Rainbows. Do you know if they will put out an LP of it or any of the songs? The songs contain the dreamy and dreary quality I like about Radiohead, but they even got a little upbeat with some tracks. I even heard a tamborine!

  2. Hey Peterson, glad you’re liking it so far! Yeah I think they are releasing it on vinyl around Christmas and CD sometime early next year. At least that’s what I read on a some websites.

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