WP 2.2 Upgrade | Almost…

I upgraded my wordpress files this morning and it went pretty well, except that the theme I was using “Subtle” isn’t quite working under the new widget framework of version 2.2 — please excuse the basic stripped down look untidyness of the site until I figure out a plan how to configure everything proper.

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...is the William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC., PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, served as a "released minister" at Camas Friends Church, and father of three. He enjoys sketchnoting, sharing conversation over coffee with a friend, listening to vinyl and writing creative nonfiction.

7 thoughts on “WP 2.2 Upgrade | Almost…”

  1. I was going to upgrade as well, then I heard about the possible incompatibilities and decided I would wait til I had finished the new theme I am doing.

  2. …and you sent me that invitation to start up my own WordPress blog because???? Okay, I’ve promised myself never to muddy friendships by getting involved in a WordPress vs Movable Type debate but let’s just say I didn’t feel the need to post anything about my seamless 3.3 update. Good luck getting it all working, I actually do like WordPress a lot even if it’s not the bandwagon I’m on these days.

  3. Cripes! Why do they keep screwing around with their API?!? On a side note – I found a great replacement for “sideblog” from a Subtle commenter. Works great with the latest non-2.2 version of WP.

  4. Hey Chris,
    Yeah it’s a real bummer why they would go and do that, especially since SBM is so much better than their version. What’s the name of the plugin?

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