Quakers and Coffee

A few weeks ago I decided to create a few new names for some of my favorite coffee drinks just for fun. I work at Fuller’s Bookstore, and attached is a really great coffee shop ingenuously named “Coffee by the Books.” What this means for me is a steady flow of really good coffee and espresso and I’ve even learned how to steam milk and pull my own shots!

Here are some of the drinks I came re-named (I wish I had some tasty pictures to go with) and a little description/sales pitch I made follows right below.

The John Woolman (Cafe Au Lait)
Steamed Milk + coffee = The John Woolman

Warm, Tasty, Frothy Milk with your favorite cup of coffee makes for a soothing drink. It’s perfect when you’re in the mood for something quiet, mild and warm. Great for raining days!

Oh and I like to put a little cinnamon on the top!

The William Penn (Americano)
1 shot of espresso and hot water = the William Penn

Perfectly roasted espresso beans mixed in with a little hot water to grieve you a purist tasting cup of Joe. The classic American and the classic American drink all mashed up in one classic cup.

The Quaker (My Own Little Mix)
3 shots of espresso + steamed milk = the Quaker

3 shots of perfectly roasted espresso beans and warm, tasty, frothy milk.
Finals are coming up – need I say more?

I think the intial idea came from a chat Simon and I had a long while back over what kinds of names we’d use for Quaker beers. But that will have to be another post.

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...is the William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. Wess has a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, served as a "released minister" at Camas Friends Church, and is the father of three. He enjoys sketchnoting, sharing conversation over coffee with friends, listening to vinyl and writing creative nonfiction.

16 thoughts on “Quakers and Coffee”

  1. I love these names! Your own mix is certainly aptly named ‘The Quaker’ – what with 3 shots of espresso I think I would end up quaking, both in fear of the Lord, and from an overdose of caffeine!

    What about:

    ‘The Steeplehouse’ – a Frappe served in a tall and thin glass

    and, hey, don’t forget my favourite:

    ‘Margaret Fell’s Bonnet’ – a Cappuccino, with an extra frothy top



  2. 2 shots will suffice in a pinch. 1 shot… you might as well just lick grounds off the counter table.

  3. If I can combine posts does the coffee have to be fair-trade for it to be Gospel Order or ‘kingdom Quaker coffee’? 🙂

    To order a John Woolman asurely is to order justice in a cup. 🙂

  4. I try to get coffee that was harvested by children under the age of 7. the way i look at it is slave labor makes my capitalist espresso taste all the bitterer (which is how i like it).

    sorry guys just had to break the moment up 😉

  5. Okay, so I’m way behind in catching up on my blog reading. Whatever.

    Wess, I think The Quaker needs to be a named drink on the menu. Seriously, that sounds AMAZING.

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