Dress Down Fridays | Video Edition: Chris Rock, Bionic Burgers and GodTube

This week I’ve got some really funny videos here.

  • First, thanks JR for sending this link of a video with Chris Rock talking about some of the differences between Hilary and Obama.
  • If you find yourself craving a McDonald’s burger, consider ordering the Bionic Burger. It has a long lasting taste…
  • In a ever-increasing attempt to get really lame there is a new Christian video website called GodTube.
  • I think it would be really fun to watch a video on this!
  • Okay so this isn’t a video but it’s really cool.

  • And this is absolutely crazy!
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    2 thoughts on “Dress Down Fridays | Video Edition: Chris Rock, Bionic Burgers and GodTube”

    1. I received an email with FoxNews headlines on Thursday. The #2 headline was: “Baby Got Bible? CEO of GodTube.com, Chris Wyatt talks about his new website uniting Christians all around the world!”

      I thought it was a joke. Apparently, it’s not. God does YouTube now. Oy vey.

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