sorry for so many changes on my template – i am trying to master a bit of code to customize the best i can. I have been watching Kill Bill over the past couple days (both vol.) and I really like both films.

I am considering how these movies portray the lives of the violent. Along with its strong message of feminism – is it a healthy portrayal of “woman power” as Tarentino calls it? Its easy to dismiss the film as a blood bath – but are there points that we can and should gleen from it. Creatively – it is a very strong film both in its editing and cinematics.

A quote that stand out to me know is:
1. “Any other day and you would be 100% right but today you are 100% wrong.”
2. “This was not the work of some amateur, this was the work of a salty dog.”
This is how I feel as a textbook buyer from time to time.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

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