Getting to "Over Coffee"

There are three weeks left in this insane qtr – Five classes is too much to do in grad school people. I stayed up last night until 1:00 am which is really freaking late for me – I usually and falling asleep by 10. We get up at 6am so that is a needed thing in the Daniels family. Anyways I was working on a Script for this Media and Ministry Class i am taking. It is the first Script i have ever worked on – I have two other people in my group who are a great help and I certainly haven’t done the whole thing but it is fun to be apart of the process. I am going to be the director/camera man for the short which I cannot wait for.

Here is the pitch:
An Italian butcher, a tall Russian photographer, and a beautiful young art
collector are all aquantainces who meet over their favorite cup of coffee. What
they don’t realize is that their hidden identities – as a mobster, robber and
hit woman – are all intertwined in a crazy web of deception and are about
to hurt the ones they love – each other.

It’s called “Over Coffee”
– Though I am somewhat critical of the name at this point.

On another note – I have found some stallness in my own spiritual life – I have gotten to the point of being really preoccupied with “everything.” I hate these moments in life – when I make little time to spend with YWH. I have been praying through the day, and thinking about the Lord, even having good conversation with people. But two things I long for – contemplation and struggling together with those who are in the trenches of life. This is where preoccupation strikes first – I become me-centered – and worrying about all the real things I need to get done, but in the process the real issues of those around me are ever-present and eating away at their spirits (my issues don’t present such peril). As a disciple of Christ I need to be focused on the “struggling with” others.

Emily, Wall and I are going backpacking for Fri and Sat of this coming week, I cannot wait for sometime to remove myself from this hussle bussle of LA.

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Wess the William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. Wess has a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, served as a "released minister" at Camas Friends Church, and is the father of three. He enjoys sketchnoting, sharing conversation over coffee with friends, listening to vinyl and writing creative nonfiction.

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